A Scrapbook / Program / Hack Inside a Mindless Network

Many moons ago (2015), I had an odd idea that kept bugging me. I felt I could eventually transform our traditional meaning of the word ‘Mindless’, which to most means stupid, and thus flip into a good thing. After all, I had a hunch that ‘less is more’ would help my life immensely, putting two and two together. However, I was lightyears from conveying any deeper or stronger understanding since I was struggling to hold things up on my end. Unfortunately, my smaller picture at home had way too many cracks for me to become an artist of anything!

Long story short… I had to map out MY OWN COGS before expecting others to understand. And I had to do it myself. I definitely couldn’t have someone else do it for me. I would have to at least show where I was coming from if I was to achieve common ground and consideration from someone else’s part. Because that is what any sane person would do or person who is attempting to be sane again, surely would do.

So from here, it was made clear that I would lead a Top Secret Mission on my own. Quietly, but thoroughly, I would construct a Mindless Scrapbook combining both the Art and Logic to best describe my funny state of mind. A Scrapbook, mind you, that has now evolved into The Core Update, Mindware, Mindless-Ware, Deep Deep Psychology, and don’t be surprised if there are more names to come.

Plus, the mix today includes any grey-area features along with the heavier bits of darkness that are hiding away upstairs, or a good part of my egoic side. Because in all honesty, it can get a little dark up there, or down there 👿.


Yes… I’m made of lighter shades and darker shades, so why continue to deny it? In fact, I hold a variety of shades and can revisit any number of them multiple times the day. However, I can also hide everything well so that you have no idea.

My unseen, underground aspect is home to my dear little devil who has all these peculiar ideals and desires banked up. Though thankfully, they are far less destructive than the ones I cherished years ago. Undoubtedly, my devil has helped in the lining of this website, so I can’t leave him out.

And please, before you turn away… we all have a secretive, cunning entity running in the background. Either a dash, teaspoon or cup.

Or in simple terms, I’m taking another approach to life by embracing the mix of good and bad within, my light and dark, positive and negative, rather than denying the existence of one side and staying divided like previously. At least this way, I’m in close contact with the fact that I am a split person who lives in contradiction. Therefore, I can see the real or complete me which can only help to improve my life.

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