What Are the Products & Byproducts of My Thoughts?

The Products run smoothly in this order:

PLAYING/REPLAYING my thoughts will cause a SENSATION registering a good or bad emotion (or somewhere in between). This reaction then creates DIRECTION in my mind which goes on to produce ACTION in the real world (on a good day), and thus my idea ends or gets released, so that the next one can take its place after a bit of space.

And the Byproduct comes into effect when I attach onto these records and refinements and always process ‘DIRECTION in my mind’ for more taste or more narrative (because I’m so caught up in it). Therefore, there is less flow of ‘ACTION in my life’ from the emotional tension.

For instance, when I’m stuck trying to turn a negative into a positive, or when I’m indulging on that positive note again by abusing my inner photoshop, I veer off.

Thankfully, nowadays, I’ve cut back on the byproducts.

Thoughts are obviously required to get me from A to B, but they clearly have downsides. Because when I’m always processing, this impacts my real-time experience or the present moment, thereby reducing my quality of life. Specifically, when I’m overwhelmed in the makings of Yesterday and Tomorrow, my perception of time fluctuates, and I feel its peaks in both ways, longer in fear AND shorter in delight (when I’m greatly up and down on the emotional rollercoaster).

I LOSE TOUCH with the present, even though the present is ALL THAT IS in my reality (my REAL-ity setting!). My attention gets hijacked by the internal world for too long.

So again, when the background of my reality floods with this life-residue of excess Time (Yesterday and Tomorrow), it means there is too much overflow onto the foreground of my consciousness, and I live everywhere EXCEPT now. I’m no longer afresh to meet new experiences, or I always meet the new sluggishly, by carrying too much of the old.