Untangling From the Idea

As my cherished idea gets hurt it means I’M HURT, and everything feels so intensely real. This is what ‘identifying’ is capable of, especially for a Highly Sensitive Mind. 

By getting carried away, ‘grossly identifying’ becomes the energy sucker of all suckers. It gets spent on good emotion and wasted on bad emotion to protect all contained within a larger perimeter. Nowadays, however, I’m confident when I say that I’m not as affected by the running narrative in my community that influences its members to be more of this and more of that by encouraging one to cling to the ‘ideas of the day’. In many cases, information goes in one ear and straight out the other in the true Mindless reacting way.

All up, I realised that whenever I had overly glorified things and aspects in the past I left myself open to being called out on the weaker items I had neglected and ignored. As my insecurities rose to the surface because of someone who eventually brought attention to them, I would instantly evade the topic and attack something else in my defence either directly or indirectly. If not something to do with the person in front of me, I would criticise someone else nearby using the good old deflection method that never lets me down, thereby redirecting emotion. Otherwise, by staying in contact with my fragile parts of life, too much exposure to them would invariably bring me shame and disgrace while my whole world came crashing down.

Not only that, but I also realised that after years of Identity Sensationalism that turned my psyche into a junkie, I got more and more knee-jerky against any information that threatened to take my title away from me, disrupting my usual flow of Positive Inflation. Therefore, I built up a massive Altar that actually made me weaker and weaker as time went on from having too many fronts to defend. In order to avoid such undesirable states of mind in the future I knew I had to free myself from this inferior programming.

Totally frustrated.
All my life, I was told that my power was in identifying. But it’s so far from the truth in another Backward revelation.

Simplifying My Identification Process

Now that the bulk of the complication is out of the way, let’s go over everything one more time to help really thin it out.

Again, I’m no longer interested in continuing my old ways where the mechanical nature of my mind incessantly over-inflates or primes specific words, symbols and images that are claimed as an extension of me. And all for what? It’s for the same old roundabout thing. It’s for my usual reward of psychological stimuli (mind candy) that will soon flip to fear.

Within this habit of extracting the positive from ideas tied in with my identity, which makes me feel worthy if not superior, the reward which is supposed to move me forward in my life gets caught up and the energy stays stuck in my ego, causing it to inflate and I fly off on a stale high. Then, or not long after, things shatter into pieces as something inside me gets hurt and I come crashing down from within my burning Altar. Therefore I end up moving every which way except forward.

Or you can say that I am weakened over the long run by taking these inflated or enhanced associations of both myself and others way too seriously. I give away too much of my power for no good reason. But mistakenly, I see a good reason.

In the end, my energy gets clogged up in a cycle, and I worship PLUS defend all these words/symbols/representations to death, destroying any real value that could be used to improve my life.

However… Now Comes the Yes Part! (Finally.)

Therefore, the simple message is… Don’t take ‘being Mindless’ seriously. Otherwise, I’ll put unnecessary pressures on my mental mechanics by becoming attached. Because if it’s not one idea, it’ll be another, another and another.

Happily recharged.

Perhaps ‘Living Mindlessly’ or ‘I’m Mindlessing’, or just ‘Lessing-along-in-life’ is the better way to put it. It conveys a message not to be taken seriously.

Mindware Section 2
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