Panel of Commentators – Extended Defintion

My Panel of Commentators is housed inside an important plugin that replays the ways of my most dominant past exposures so that I extract and repeat specific behaviour in day-to-day life. Installed in my psyche through this plugin are many people’s qualities, programs, problems, and traumas that now heavily influence the way I operate, act, and behave. Quite often, I would call these guys who sit on the panel in my head The Talking Dead. That being the remnants of the past carrying on and on and on.

It all started with the help I had received since I was very young (simple input), continuing all the way through to the most recent challenges faced today (complex input). And, like any evolving Software, there are naturally bugs that come to light when a system keeps running in an ever-changing environment. Normally, these issues would get reported to the developer by various end users who were negatively impacted.

In the case of understanding evolving Mindware, mental bugs or heavy code can show up in the form of bad traits and ignorance put in place by those lifelong contributors who we were exposed to. Fortunately, once Mindware is successfully installed the program turns us into the developer, and we are assigned administrator access rights to help remove any bad or heavy coding.

The number one bug that runs rampant through the Panel of Commentators plugin is ‘ignorance’, which is a quality embedded in humans all the way back in time. Like most people, I had no choice in the matter growing up as elements of ignorance stuck to me like a magnet from my contributors. Fortunately, this now-obsolete trait is easily detectable in the panel. As such, I like to think that I’ve come a very long way in terms of being much more insightful, thanks to the new energy that frees up the weight in my mind.

Generational traumas

All in all, my Panel of Commentators are a diverse bunch of thinkers. Although, each member from the past is ultimately affected by other members whom I picked up through the process of discussion and debate brought to the internal table, which is how I’m cultured. Nowadays, the idea is to replicate the better qualities of a person and learn from any problems or mistakes that I might see in them. Everyone has qualities and problems currently installed, only with different levels of magnitude. Naturally, I like to avoid those who are very unbalanced and stay close to those on level-ground.

By stepping back and watching my Panel of Commentators engage, instead of acting through each character all the time with too much emotion, I optimise my panel and find balance. In the end, my lifelong experiences, along with the influence of my nature, define the trajectory of my life, thereby adjusting or even transforming each program, problem, quality, and trauma along the way.

The Panel of Commentators were first mentioned in the Mindware Installer’s 4th Setup component. Click here to travel back to this part.