Full List of Vocabulary

Here are the most commonly used words you’ll find on this website. Some are stripped of tradition or are touched up, or occasionally made up, while others serve as a refresher.


Although at times, the upstairs can really feel like the downstairs 😞, but we’ll get to that later. « Previous (List) Next Concept »


Actuality is the process or activity underway regardless of what my thoughts try to convince me of otherwise. By seeing through the thick murk of my psychological fog, perhaps from cumbersome beliefs and handed-down ways, I perceive a clear fact taking place. « Previous Concept 📁 Next Concept »


These dynamics can be explained as follows: Level 1 Backwardness arises when someone lives in a strong magnetic field of thinking. There is too much spin in my world. Over a lifetime of loading up on various influences, I can’t help but jump from one extreme ideal to the next, also bouncing from pole to … Read more


There is an inner world that constitutes our internal existence, an invisible border, and an outer world full of stronger colours, objects, things, elements, beings and sparks that are far more tangible or defined than the ones in our thoughts. Let’s call the outer world ‘The Big Screen in 360° Cosmic Definition’. It’s only human … Read more