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Welcome to Language section. Here we focus on both newly redefined words and made up terms that go hand in hand with Mindless 2.0 Philosophy. Although some definitions may only serve as a refresher, others touch up or even completely strip away the traditional meaning of a given term. This means that while several entries are quite brief and to the point (basic concepts), others are vaster in scope, telling a much bigger story (in-depth concepts). 

It should also be noted that certain terms have been put together as new labels for mental conditions (Bugs & Disorders). Needless to say, these terms are well defined throughout the site, however this section offers a reference point should you ever be in doubt.

Prepare to diagnose yourself, friends and family with new terminology. Take the appropriate steps to get patched from a range of problems down the track. Or, simply get a better insight on things by seeing them from a new light.