Somebody-itus in Action

Whenever the words ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’ dominate in conversation and spark two-way emotion (a rollercoaster ride), a host is under the influence of Somebody-itus.

Please, beware as the host will go to great lengths for their psycho-parasite after infection. Often, they will start the show by contrasting or pointing out all of the perceived lower-quality features in the world around them, usually by means of subtle tactics at first, including coordinated hand and body gestures for added visual hypnotic effect. Then, the more they speak negatively, which to them is ‘bigger picture positivity’, the more they feel uplifted and on a well-deserved podium. Following on from this position are a series of positive reinforcements in a reversal and even more silly gestures by means of offering higher-quality solutions that only they can offer the world.

Once an audience is seemingly convinced, gripped, and infected by parasitic ideals, the host generates further enticement by presenting their potential, demonstrating their superiority and distinction as a leader, and encouraging everyone to become a host themselves just like him or her. Therefore, there does seem to be a perceived power structure involved, similar to that of a multi-level marketing scheme where those below become nested under their parent host. This effectively boosts the rate of infection across the globe.

It’s textbook behaviour. The bug directs the host to home in on the weaker areas of an audience to increase their psychological processing and emotional responses, thereby weakening their natural psychological defences that would normally prevent such influence from penetrating an uninfected mind. Once vulnerable and exposed, the parasite moves in for the kill by overrunning the central mainframe of the host. Thus, the host is now programmed to search, exploit, and give their new audience wings at a small cost of passing on a copy of itself under their tier. In which case, we are dealing with a psychological pyramid scheme — a mind trojan that can cause real havoc across the world.

We all know that somebody, right? He or she eventually turns the conversation into themselves. They more or less explain how life is far better with their presence not only included, but at the top of the chain or in a superior position.

However, as the Somebody-System runs rampant, excess emotion weakens a host by placing a cloud over what would normally be good or sound judgement. Concurrent attacking and defending ego subroutines weigh heavily on not only themselves, but also on unpatched minds in the vicinity. Any and all direction from this point is now driven by competition and bias. Which in acute cases, increases blindness to other aspects of life as the brain goes haywire between dopamine, cortisol and adrenalin.

During everyday life, mistakes that usually don’t get made now get made. Not only that, but the host immediately rationalises any misguided action and dismisses their involvement, placing the blame elsewhere. He or she doesn’t take responsibility as competition and ambition run wild and supersede everything else before them.

This is the nature of Somebody-itus, and unfortunately, it’s all-too-common in today’s world.