Facts vs Beliefs:
Memories & Refinements

It’s time to finalise the Belief section as I’ve had enough of spreading sensationalised stories across it. At least, for now.

What is the difference between an Illusion and the Actual, and why is it a big deal?

It’s time to step back into the complicated mental circuitry again and decomplify.

Facts are not refinements. Although, they can get mistaken as such by the average vulnerable host.

From the top…

When I look at my memory and see what happened yesterday, I interpret a record from an experience that took place. Hence, this is my original or the impression that travelled thru the nerves leaving behind a ‘residue’, and I’ll now take a copy and start playing with it on a brand-new canvas, thereby making a refinement. It may appear similar, except, by habit, I slightly alter the content in a sneaky way to filter and enhance things according to my tastes.

In other words, the fact is my original slide, and it contains the best answers. Not my covert-photoshopped conveniences as new unreal alterations that hit the spot. If anything, my first impressions are key to unlocking the challenges in life, and not the distortions from my refinements phasing in as ‘originals’.

Now Here’s My Tendency

After I look at a record in my memory so many times, the feeling I get normalises or thins out. If I continue, I’ll start wondering about other thoughts with more sensory value. In the case where a record becomes a focal point for other people paying attention to it, I desire a reproduction to enhance it and give it back the taste I once remembered as it was first recorded, so that they can gain a similar feeling. Otherwise, I might be daydreaming on my own, enhancing my memories more and more until I’m completely out of touch with reality. My refinements embellish a fact the way a Facebook or Instagram photo embellishes the subject. I can use a few tools and give anyone a makeover within seconds.

“He or She looks very different on Social Media as I see less dramatic features in real life” – by An overwhelming fact.

Patching Up Against ‘The Influencer’

In today’s world, I apply an automatic 70% normalisation filter when I see people’s profile pictures. Aka, The Offset. It’s quite reliable and brings me closer to the real them if for some reason we cross paths. Also, I’m less inclined to change my behaviour towards them over a re-arrangement of pixels from these one-click enhancement filters designed to hit the spot.

Simply put, we are just images of organisms on the other side of the screen, either looked after by ourselves or not, regardless of glitter or no glitter being thrown over the top. Someone’s true nature is usually something very different from the image that we see. In fact, the only way I can really get to know someone is to spend considerable time interacting with their mind.

However, if I accept somebody else’s projection of their life as the closest representation to the originals they’ve stored, then I might not be getting the true story. You see, they might not even be aware that they’ve shaped their memory by habit. Truth is, he/she may have tinkered with the records of their activities many years before I came along, living on Mars like I once had. Fortunately, this is where The Offset comes into play, filtering out the embellishments in the enhanced image or persona presented to me.

Nowadays, I find myself stepping back from these draining relationships, especially after seeing how easy it is to get caught up in people’s spin. No doubt, we all know that one person who needs a dose of daily drama, often creating a storm in a teacup by breakfast time, before taking you on a whirlwind adventure by lunchtime. They are exhausting people who, in a weird way, I still need a dose of every now and then so that I appreciate sanity even more.


It is now simple to see what is real and what is not real (clean perception of reality vs dirty perspective of reality) and how I’m affected by each.

An addiction to sensationalised alterations of memory gets reinforced into refinements by ignorance, which breeds double/triple/quadruple lives (Psychological Spam). On top, these distortions or refinements that act as originals need continuous help in standing, so they’ll drain everyone and everything closeby.

Whereas facts or clean memory slides on the other hand, although they may appear boring or plain, are rock solid and will lay the foundation for me to build on when I’m down.

Once I’ve settled into a steady orbit, then sure, I’ll stretch out and explore the world even more.

Balance is key.