A Small Take on the Generations

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Us highly sensitive people, we often live in a magical but unknown-to-many perceived land. Although when you place a camera on our actual life, the reality might look more like this.

Highly sensitive mind complex
I’m on TOP of the world!

Since I feel as though I make little sense to anyone in my natural flowing state, and I usually sit with an impatient version of not-my-self when surrounded by these general minds, I have a habit of escaping reality while being a bit of a people pleaser.

Somewhere along the line, I develop compatibility issues with almost everyone around me, especially once a small amount of time has elapsed between us. After a few moments, our filters more or less shake hands and wave goodbye. Or at least, mine do for me. So why is this? Or, where do things go wrong for me? Better yet, let me just give you my take on people in general, including myself as part of this clan.

Now, I’m going to pick on the older generation of the Boomers, since they are my lifelong peers and therefore I connect with them the most. Although, I don’t do too bad with the silent generation either, despite being a Cusper between Gen X and the next.

The Boomers are a special breed, to say the least. They got to experience massive changes in their civilisation at a young age in terms of scientific and technological advancements. From the remnants of a hard-working postwar picture, with at least a parent, aunt or uncle deeply affected, they emerged into a marvellous scene with far greater automation and comfort than what their elders had before them. However, from all the exposure and beliefs that came with this grand lifestyle; i.e., a new type of scientific and technological doctrine that was supposed to make life even better while further offsetting human ignorance, I feel that other aspects of their life may have been overlooked, thereby creating psychological byproducts that spilled onto their children, and society as a whole.

So my aim now is to see if I can get through to those of the younger generations via the Boomer generation since I’m going to be left here with them when my peers move on. I figure… You guys still have a great amount of pull in this world, so I’ll need you to be my universal translator one last time before you settle into those diapers. Besides, you can’t leave this mess behind! Please know that by the time you reach the end of this website, I’ll make sure that I will have sown enough doubt in your mind for you to know that you cannot simply brush ignorance aside. Not only that, but these younger generations will throw us all under the bus (including themselves) if something doesn’t give. Sure, they’ll look to their scientific and technological overlords for new gadgets and breakthroughs to help keep things intact. But at the end of the day, if they can’t keep the cogs turning they’ll simply have no choice on the matter but to give nature a sacrifice — you and me.

Fortunately, those younger minds are still fresh and impressionable. Together, we can reveal some simple truths, and tell it how it is while it’s not too late — not sugarcoat it or give them a limited but sensationalised versions of things. Help me give it to them straight, the millennials and every one after, so we can shift life towards a more wholesome trajectory and away from that world of unhealthy polarisation.

Oh, and I’m not placing blame on those of the Boomer generation, because I get it. Those were the post-war days, and everyone naturally wanted a total change of scenery with the fruits that followed. They wanted a big loving family with a picket fence to drown out all the worries of yesterday. Besides, who wouldn’t want this for their community and families? However, with all that new science and technology now housed under one new roof from World War II (completely unprecedented), aka the first world roof, it was only a matter of time before a new batch of problems would hit later down the track from such a quantum leap. Who would have thought that by ‘letting the good times roll…’ it would eventually get this out of hand in terms of consumerism, competition and inequality affecting the planet today? I guess that’s why they called the first wave from this new powerhouse ‘the Boomers’ because of the rippling effect they would have on the following generations.

Anyway… That’s my take on why the world around me is the way it is. The world is fixated on Science & Technology to make things better, which is understandable. However, we also have an internal Science & Technology system that we call a Psychological system, and I feel that it has not been kept on par. Rather, it has stayed on a level where causation is only seen and dealt with superficially. My aim is to help balance these two systems as they are both very important for our existence. In fact, now’s a good time to start by turning the focus point quite a few notches onto my own psychological timeline.