The Highly Sensitive Mind

The General (majority) and the Highly Sensitive Mind (minority) operate in ‘close’ and ‘broad’ fields of reality. Each are equipped with both strengths and weaknesses.

A Small Take on the Generations

Taming a highly sensitive mind is complex and requires influences from beyond the monoculture. To begin, please download the latest Mindware Update.

More Odd Challenges…

(Heads Up: I write some crap below. It’s the type you’ll either find fascinating or never go near again.) A Long-Distance Call on My Very Last Dollar As I’ve already laid out, I played with the underground throughout my 20’s and conditioned myself destructively. Then, by the time I hit 30, I thought I’d had … Read more

Saved by the Banana

When the time is ripe, I’ll hand you a banana. Feeding Bananas to the General-Minded Person & Vice Versa As a severe left-hander caught in a right-handed world, I lived backwards my entire life. Level 1 Backwards: Overall, L1 is not a good place to live for a Highly Sensitive Person. I spend my life trying … Read more

Coffs Harbour & the Hidden Cost for Being Put on the Map

Has everyone gone bananas? Coffs Harbour in NSW, Australia (my hometown that I loved growing up in) is known for its bananas and tourism. Filled with some of the most wonderful people you could ever want to meet, it’s a treasure of a place that only a fortunate few ever discover. But what about the … Read more