My Nosing Around

By nature, I can’t help but always look deeply into things. I still get overwhelmed this far down the track by life’s broader aspects, aka the abstract elements or symbols forming in my mind from wandering too far into the outskirts of my perceived reality. Not to mention all the other conventional or everyday influences from the preceding hours, days and weeks from people’s activities or life’s usual engagements.

Growing up, a day could easily amount to a thousand questions and scrutinies by this curious observer who succumbed to a complex narrative built from the ground up, a narrative that soon became his god. Even to this day, I can’t just change who I am, and thus the nosing around continues in my life, albeit with more care than ever before by diffusing this stubborn age-old god.

Tapping Into the Collective

Since many people run many lives and divide themselves up, I tend to pick up on these fragments using both conventional and unconventional measures that one day I might just be able to explain further on. To even remotely grasp what I mean, there is a tricky process involved. First, you’ll need to fragment yourself to the extreme and then somehow make it back to level-mindedness. However, during this long journey back, you’ll enter into another type of insanity through an exhaustive process of deeply observing every movement of your mind and watching every single response, day in and day out. All up, by seeing every exquisite detail of cause and effect taking place in your reality (mostly involving unreality), you’ll now have a solid point of reference for observing the way others operate their life.

In terms of unconventional measures, I’m in the midst of uncovering a part of the mind that I believe isn’t localised to just one brain or body. If I’m right, there is special access available to a secret tunnel or gateway that is able to bend or fold time and space in order to nosy into things that are very far away, including the prefrontal cortex of others. Something tells me that I need to decode the ‘special’ a lot more, and I feel the starting point is to quieten my mind to the point that no physical space exists outside my perceived reality at all in order to gain Superuser access to systems beyond the usual reach. As strange as it sounds, I’ve been begging the Universe for greater access to the wider Human Network Grid that we are all connected to. Yes, just like many parts of an organism make up a whole, so too would many minds contribute to the mind of God, in a way. Now, this is where things get even trickier, but I’ll give you a very basic example of what I mean:

Every now and then I get a thought of someone out of the blue or without any leadup whatsoever. Within seconds or minutes, I get a text message or phone call from the same person who has something either reasonably important to somewhat important to say. Otherwise, on some occasions, I call them instead and get an inviting response. “Hey, I was just thinking of you”, he or she would say when answering the phone. Or “I was just about to call you regarding such and such” would be said in anticipation. Pretty cool, right? Well, it will be when I have greater access and control over this complex mind-linking protocol.

To be honest, what currently takes place in the realm of psychic phenomena is not as fascinating as it once used to be because it happens on such a regular basis. But I keep it quiet so that I master the art of quieting the mind, which is a very difficult discipline considering my challenges. However, I would love to up the ante and initiate this feature at will, and set notifications on certain people or for certain topics/keywords of interest. In doing so, I could really reshape the environment around me and strengthen my screen.

Just think… I could influence all branches of government because there are always people in every department who have something important to hide, such as their bad or questionable behaviour. Deciphering the right information at the allowed threshold of the karmic field emitting from an individual (current theory) means that I can eventually tap into them, leverage them to gain control, and potentially push legislation through parliament to help those of my tribe, ideology, and overall base.

However, I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself or go too wild too fast. One thing I’ve learnt is that accessing such things also comes with greater responsibility, which is why I want to give more to the Universe to potentially make up for what I might have to take in the future in terms of cause and effect since we live in a causally-connected Universe. In other words, I wouldn’t want to bite off more than I can chew and mess with an unconventional realm without doing my due diligence first and foremost, as I might end up in a pickle.

Obviously, this stuff is quite out there, and it is many years away from the public wrapping their head around it (if such wrapping is even possible). This is why I would want to limit exposure and conduct myself very quietly in the meantime. Admittedly, being a stabilising force on this level takes a special type of discipline, which is also why it has my name written all over it. Only time will tell on what might further unravel from this taboo realm.

Some people would say not to open this envelope. But the thing is it got opened years ago. Besides, if there is a role to be played (I’m sure it’s being played right now by old blood), it only makes sense to have it outperformed by fresh blood. Get it done by someone who is more inclined to evolve the show, while not overstepping too much. Therefore, I’m happy to keep nosing around and testing my boundaries on this level since I’m equipped with a Highly Sensitive Mind.