Reading Between the Lines

In regards to that alleged ‘inert’ stuff Science calls ‘space’, that lays as background in between the bits and pieces contained inside our DNA (like the white behind these letters, or here’s an inverted view), I think it is loaded with the absolute goods in a field of great potential. Just as I also think that the space in between everything else in our shared surroundings holds significant value, including a good balance of space between our thoughts.

Perhaps that’s the best way to explain it when it comes to defining mind types. The difference between the General Mind and the Highly Sensitive Mind comes down to focus. While the majority of people focus on the words above the void, us Highly Sensitive folk are more intrigued by the void itself. And why wouldn’t we be? After all, to us the world looks like this: boring words on a far more intriguing background. Why focus on the boring non-colour, when a far more vibrant colour is there begging for attention? No matter how ravishing the words themselves may be, they still appear as dull, colourless squiggles on a vibrant, stunning field of infinite potential.

Still, sometimes the background is angry despite the wonderful, joyous words written on it. This dense canvas leads to bizarre behaviour that is hard to explain to those focused on the words alone. Or, even when the background isn’t angry, it can still sap us of our energy when trying to ignore the glaring shades of sensation when trying to focus on the words that everyone else is able to read so easily. This is what life feels like to a Highly Sensitive Mind, one that is tuned in to the infinite colours that everyone else may only perceive as useless white. Taming such a mind is to include more space than the average general mind accomplishes by releasing the sapping energy.

The Key to Unlocking SOMETHING Might all Be Tied up in NOTHING

Today, I can’t help but find it fascinating as I watch existence uncover its greater essence; i.e., I watch the Scientist who identifies as some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘body’, which is really none other than a sharp and curious vortex-driven spark that came from nothingness over billions of years of evolution. The Scientist ultimately identifies as an observer of information that expands outward to the surface of the human organism through these unique descriptions that we call ideas.

‘He’, ‘she’, ‘I’, ‘me’ then comes into light and naturally digs deeper into that ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘body’ to gain greater meaning about human existence. Or the body is contrasted against the outside environment, and vice versa, so that all the in-between gaps of information for the answers on life can be seen and worked out. They explain the bigger/close-up pixels against the smaller/distant ones, and vice versa, by seeing all the interactions for the sake of understanding the symmetry of life, thereby refining the screen we all live inside.

Highly Sensitive or not, I do believe we all share a common goal. Humans naturally want to make better predictions to get ahead of the game and increase the longevity and quality of the big screen.