The Highly Sensitive Mind

Kid daydreamingThe hardest part about growing up with an odd mind was adapting to school. As the years progressed, I found it more and more difficult to hold my attention in nearly all subjects, and I’d drift off to another land.

Eventually, things got to the point where trying to teach me anything was useless, so forget it. Meanwhile, I was up in the clouds and in for a much harder lesson down the track.

Another Level? No, Another World!

Odd mind out

If everyone were born with the exact same qualities, it would be a fairly dull place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Truth is, I don’t know much about genes, except surely they must always carry more than what meets the eye, no matter how far along the evolutionary line we humans travel. As something new gets found, something else is also closer to being found sooner or later.

Nowadays, I’m thinking less that our Universe has an edge or is somewhat contained by a barrier regardless of what Science has to say, which at the moment no one solidly knows or wants to claim. And that my High-Def Omnidirectional Screen can view an infinite potential or every possible arrangement of pixels (matter/light/molecules/quarks) on my monitor, and perhaps even more. Because suddenly, within those pixels are simply MORE smaller pixels as I keep looking beyond them in my intrigue. It seems my resolution won’t stop increasing, similar to the real world of ever-increasing technological advances. “To what end does this go?” I keep asking myself.

High-Definition Omnidirectional Screen (360°) with Interactivity

My display is huge as I take in North, South, East, West, and Up & Down, and I’m always in the middle.

Upon my observation, as I look and move in one direction, these pixels get bigger, while the ones to the side get smaller and soon drift away altogether. Also, some of the pixels get grouped together into self-sustaining objects and now they have a mind of their own, which means they can move on their own across my screen as a character just like me. Through a miracle known as Complex Life I am surrounded by moving lifeforms, known as people and animals, and they carry a concentration of pixels that end up influencing even more pixels. Or they make more pixels into lifeless objects that seem full of life, animating across my screen.

From an energy powered from beyond pixelation, possibly coming out of a vortex, these forms exist and resonate softly, strongly, or sharply, based on the previous pixels and running episodes from their screens, if that makes sense. Therefore, I have both stationary pixels and spark-powered moving pixels positioned across my screen multiple times a day, which is how I see life currently. Everything in life is like watching a huge TV but covering all angles possible and with super interactivity.

Unfortunately, some pixels are a little too interactive and controlling for my liking, so I feel it is almost time for those ones to be moved to another channel or a completely different TV. Meanwhile, what do I do when a group of strong pixels or vortex-powered characters continues to get all up in my face and tells me to look in only one direction? Do I listen to them and follow their instruction? Or are many of these influences no more than bugs on my screen that I need to swat down and get them out of my way, but somehow without losing my ability to navigate freely throughout the display in what seems to be a never-ending movie?

And just how do all these pixels join together on the screen in the first place?

These are just a few of the many important questions travelling through my Highly Sensitive Mind on any given day.