The Highly Sensitive Mind

Kid daydreamingThe hardest part about growing up with an odd mind was adapting to school. As the years progressed, I found it more and more difficult to hold my attention in nearly all subjects, and I’d drift off to another land.

Eventually, things got to the point where trying to teach me anything was useless, so forget it! Meanwhile, I was up in the clouds and in for a much harder lesson down the track!

Another Level? No, Another World!

Odd mind out

If everyone were born with the exact same qualities, it would be a fairly dull place… Wouldn’t you agree?

<Begin Odd Mind Exaggerated or Blown Out of Perspective Everyday Ideas>

Now I don’t know much about genes except, surely they must always carry more than what meets the eye, no matter how far along the evolutionary line us humans travel. As something new gets found, something else is also closer to being found… sooner or later.

Nowadays, I’m thinking less that our Universe has an edge and is somewhat contained regardless of what science has to say. Which at the moment no one solidly knows! And that my High-Def Omnidirectional Screen can view an infinite potential or every possible arrangement of pixels on my monitor (matter/light/molecules/quarks) and more. Because suddenly, within those pixels, are MORE freakin pixels. So my resolution won’t stop increasing!

High Definition Omnidirectional Screen (360°)

My screen is huge

I take in…

North – South – East – West – Up & Down – and I’m always in the middle.

Upon my observation, as I look and move in one direction, these pixels get bigger, while the ones behind soon drift off and get smaller. Also, these surrounding moving lifeforms known as people and animals are all simply SPARKS in an array — strong, soft, sharp, etc. Therefore there are many spark-powered pixels moving along my screen multiple times a day.

Now, what do I do when a funny group of pixels gets all up in my face and tells me to look in only one direction? Do I listen to them and follow their instruction? Or are they no more than bugs on my screen that I need to swat down and get them out of my way?

Also, in regards to that alleged ‘inert’ stuff that the scientist has called ‘space’ that lays as background in between the bits and pieces contained inside our DNA (like the white behind these letters, or here’s an inverted view), I think it is loaded with the absolute goods in a field of potential. Just as I also think that the space in between everything else in our shared surroundings holds significant value.

The Key to Unlocking Something Is All Tied up in Nothing!

Today, I can’t help but find it fascinating as I watch existence uncover its greater existence… i.e., I watch the Scientist who identifies as some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘body’, which is really none other than a sharp and curious spark. One that ultimately points to an organism against the environment in which it stands thru unique descriptions that make up ideas.

‘He’, ‘she’, ‘I’, ‘me’ then comes into light and naturally digs deeper into that ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘body’: i.e., the body up close is held against our environment and vice versa by contrasting space or all the in-between gaps for the answers on life.

Or they explain the bigger/close-up pixels against the smaller/distant ones by seeing the interactions and describing the symmetry. And obviously it goes the other way as well.

Humans naturally want to make better predictions in order to increase the longevity and quality of the screen.

<End Odd Mind Exaggerated or Blown Out of Perspective Everyday Ideas>

Welcome to my world!