System Behaviour Change

Taming in my world now means that I see all of my internal operations by focussing my attention inwards on every activity, both close-up and in the periphery. In a sense, an overseer appeared out of nowhere and enacted functions that are beyond my control.

Here’s one of the most critical core components I was fortunate enough to learn along the way:

The Great Silence

If, by habit, I search and filter my thoughts over and over in aim of a System Behaviour Change, I now know straight away that this will always fail. I cannot optimise my conditioning with refined thoughts, which is what I had been attempting all my life. If anything, the change I’m after can only come from Space or ‘Vital Non-Thinking Energy’ (aka the Great Silence) because I’m always refining nonstop anyway.

In other words, I’ve got to LET GO at some point and have a break. And to not always rely on a man-made break of somewhat-controlling thoughts, if that makes sense.

Otherwise, I’ll only keep dividing myself into another part-time character who compounds his problems underground. Because whatever internal feature I try to change, enhance or reform only gets bottled up, to eventually burst somewhere else down the pipe. Funnily enough, time always throws back my ignorances in one form or another, and with more force under this paradigm.

After clearly seeing that I was only swapping one issue for another by constantly pressing my thoughts for psychological help and bettering, that is when something far greater inside unlocked. My life only changed because of a timeless energy that worked its magic over the long haul.

The energy of the Great Silence is the only force capable of a fundamental change beyond any power in my thoughts.

How’d I Tap Into the Timeless?

Only by tapping out of the game…

I got thrown a lifeline because I stayed in contact with the brutal fact that my broken state of mind could not possibly fix itself. Life only turned around once I knew that my thought processing in general was overused, and any refinements to come would not help in the long run, despite how much they dressed up and presented themselves.

I needed less pressure, not the better or consciously refined stuff.

Today, this seeing allows me to let go of the overthinking I once indulged in.

Now, who’s hungry for a Banana?