Mindless.Idea – Extended Definition

Contained in the Mindless.Idea program is next-level code that reduces unnecessary conscious activity by giving more power to ‘inside observation’ upon detection of increased pressures. Opening the gates to this type of powerful observation is key to psychological freedom.

Strangely enough, if I can’t feel a mind and its weight, the word ‘Mindless’ has very little meaning in this updated version, which is a really good thing in the long run. It’s only when I feel a mind that I wish to be Mindless. Otherwise, when the word ‘Mindless’ is thought of or spoken about it has very little effect, which means that it won’t control my life like other sensationalised words do.

Therefore, the idea is unconventional. But it is also whole and simple, which reduces the risk of outside contamination from both Mind-Helpers who forward on problematic conventional material, and Mind-Spammers who simply spread crap to the next person. And anything else that follows in my response, such as these few paragraphs you are reading now, are less cumbersome ideas in nature. Not only that, but I’m also less likely to build a belief system around the idea by not making a sophisticated godly empire out of Mindlessness.

More to the point, these paragraphs are my response to the idea that plays out in my life. They focus in on the spacing between thought and not on the construct and empowerment of more sensationalised thought with its internal contrasting effects. Although, I have to engage in thought in order to convey the message to you because it does take a bit of thought to help close down the unnecessary ones.

Bottom Line

Letting-go or releasing thoughts that lead to anxiety and pressure can only come from beyond the dimension of thinking by an act of seeing deeply. Then, from that observation, there is the release and clarity. Voila! Otherwise, I’ll likely redirect my attention onto thoughts that temporarily quell anxiety and suppress pressure, which is the traditional method.

Again, ‘Mindlessing’ does not contain a conscious demand or command to suppress pressure, unlike our mindful/traditional systems that do. For instance, when I’m about to meditate or become better, that is a demand, however subtle it may be. Instead, Mindlessing is a reference to a lightweight piece of code that activates a ‘deeper-seeing’ when under pressure or when my mind shows its true colours.

Highly Sensitive Person or not, this update is available for anyone.

Mind on its own implies loudness and indicates above-average pressure. However, once I have patched myself and become highly aware of these hot and cold conditions running the show upstairs, there is a greater chance for a pronounced ‘less’ quality to naturally occur from observing all movements.

As I look deeply into my mind, my traditional conditioning gradually breathes fresh air and loosens up.

A New Long-Term Strategy

Updating our core mental system is not a quick fix, nor is it fun at first, to be completely honest. However, it does ground me in the long run. On the other hand, these comfortable, conventional disciplines derived from heavier code always come with a catch for my type of mindset.

Mindlessing implies a natural balance that comes into effect from seeing my panel of commentators or from seeing the total movements of all my diverse thoughts. This includes the endless line of reactions that my chatterbox mind goes on and on with.

Feel free to revisit the Mindless.Idea program located in Mindware Installer.