/ˈmʌɪndləs ʌɪˈdɪə/: Mindless.Idea is the mindware program designed to increase mental clarity and performance. It is a lightweight, unconventional idea derived from the newly redefined word ‘mind’ that describes ‘monitoring internal pressure’. When installed properly, the host allows a deeper energy to discontinue excessive ideas and ideals -less.

Contained in the Mindless.Idea program is next-level code that reduces unnecessary conscious activity by giving more power to ‘inside observation’ upon detection of increased pressures. ‘Mindlessing’ does not contain a conscious demand or command to suppress pressure, unlike our traditional mindful programs that do. Letting-go or releasing thoughts that lead to pressure and anxiety can only come from beyond the dimension of thinking by an act of seeing deeply. Therefore, the idea is unconventional.

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