What Takes Place Below the Story?

There are many colours, textures, depths, etc., in the visual objects contained inside my thoughts. I also possess the other non-visual senses; audio, smell, taste, and touch, which all finely blend-in and without too much fuss. But when I strip away at the background and concentrate my energy on defining objects, or defining the familiar symbols within those objects, a simple translation takes place.

Past remembrances that once gave off an understanding are again closely matched to that in the present, and second-hand sensation now enters the scene and converts into a repeat of either happiness or sadness. Or the feeling goes anywhere between the appealing or repulsive polarity charge.

Also, whether each story fires-off a direct assault thru an intense feeling, or instead provides a slower, more subtle creeper that affects my behaviour long term, an array of forces goes to work on my pleasure and fear centres and is responsible for my overall drive in life.

How Does a Typical Conversion Play Out?

As I make contact in any given experience, I respond by performing a scan. In fact, I’m always scanning, whether I’m conscious of it or not, only on different levels.

During each process I zoom-in and define objects based on my massive database at lightning speeds. Immediately, I feel either positive or negative or I land somewhere near the neutral state. Lastly, I develop a sense of direction and attempt to step one way or another in my reality.

Human Existence Simplified

Being Human Chart (4 Stages)
  1. My attention is given to reality, otherwise I’m idling over previous events or future possibilities. Thus my attention is focused either on active-reality or on unreality. Though I usually flicker between the two, which can also create blindness if I end up fixated on something far away from reality for too long.
  2. I compare the results of what I see against my library.
  3. The interpretation builds up a force from signals that are appealing, repelling, or somewhere in between.
  4. I formulate a direction in my mind and act either one way or another in the real world. However, depending on my state of mind, I might get into active-reality with minimal background and perform well, or I might get stuck in deep unreality with minimal physical action and perform badly.

Upon closer inspection

Related thoughts to each of the objects or symbols I encounter are recalled and explored, and if I find any bumps, challenges, or breakages along that route when cross-referencing, I move the other way. In other words, fear has hit me, and I have retreated.

On the other hand, if an appealing charge is felt, then my direction is drawn over a desired path and I’ll follow it thru.

All-day and every day, this is my process of life. I meet an experience; scan, recognise, define, evaluate, and move in a specific direction based on the sensations produced by my cross-referenced background thoughts.