Our Bipolar World

So what more can be said? Other than that I live the polarised life on a bipolar rock, same as everyone else. I am, and always have been, at the mercy of these unstoppable packets of influence bouncing me to-and-from each end of the living spectrum. That being:

  1. I’m drawn towards something + and I aim for the desired experience.
  2. I’m repulsed by something and I repel against the unwanted. I try to avoid an experience.

However, focussing on the positives, while a negative stays active and undealt with, is a drain and habit many of us were raised up on. I suppose I could tell you that I feel each process slightly more pronounced than others because of the out-there mind I carry and its sensitivity. But that’s probably just another excuse in my handy book of reasons.

Since finally acknowledging our polarity-card at the deeper level, an extraordinary opportunity opened up and allowed me to move in a completely fresh way, perhaps guided by a deeper consciousness.

By not playing these positive notes as much nowadays, I’m left with ample room to look and learn into how I respond in fear, rather than always dragging on with it waiting, hoping, or aiming for a long-term pole reversal that cannot be achieved.