The Path Into & Through My Illusions

Now that the previous drama is out of the way, I want to talk to you about how I dealt with my illusions or the ideas that didn’t match up with reality, while I thought they had. To sum things up, when the refinements in my mind ran very high, I entered a deeper level of hypnosis and a complacency towards factual knowledge that posed a threat to this process. I became influenced by too many feelings, emotions, and overall hyperbole while blinding myself to my surroundings, as succulent ideas that lacked a foundation appeared as strong, healthy symbols inside a distortion as I wandered off in life.

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes and Multi-Leveled Complexes were at the top of my to-do list, and soon I didn’t care whether they were legal or not. Gradually, I’d enter into a strong Sensation-Based Reality over a long period, utterly oblivious to any oncoming tidal wave heading back my way from making life complicated.

Also, I became a host for these wild enticements which perpetuated the same complication onto the next person I influenced, thereby turning everyone around me into adware, malware, or monkey mindware, to be exact. Once these programs locked in, that was it and out came the zombie in all of us. These toxic fruits responsible for hijacking the psyche would then go on to infect the next vulnerable host and increase the level of mental processing and hypnosis each step of the way, creating extremism in all of us.

And, as for explaining how the bug hurt me, I simply stripped myself of smarts as energy leaked into unnecessary conversions which ate away at my psyche, clouding my judgement and essentially making me dull and useless. Therefore, I soon became a victim of an extreme polarisation pandemic currently sweeping through many parts of the world today.

Under such conditions of travelling greater distances between the two ends of a mind, addictive sensations and irrational baseless thinking soon become the norm. Naturally, one seeks greater pleasures by delving into bigger mischief, which compounds his or her problems even more.

The Path to Freedom

When it comes to understanding my beliefs on a greater level, the following message has helped me regain control:

When your mind is running a million miles a minute, and you’re always one step away from that better life of more resources and control, please, pay attention to each process. You must keep an eye on any succulents that flow in and out of your psyche because they can overwhelm you to the point that you become stagnant and sometimes even destructive when operating in the real world.

Then, as you do notice the dreamlike state building up, gift yourself the freedom and release from that and any other related impulse in the way.

Only from a place of space, and also only if you see these processes as detrimental because they exceed practical limits, will you gain the strength needed to release one sweet part of that dream at a time.

And in doing so, guess what? You’ve now allowed a vitality in and have freshened up the scene. You’ve now gone backwards from your normal forward-motion movement so you don’t perpetuate a problem even more.

Otherwise, you know you would have had that dream by now, right?

You know you would have had your cake and ate it too if it were that easy to turn the unreal into the real.

Long story short, for the Highly Sensitive Mind who continuously thinks for these unnecessary highs, in either a Spiritual or Scientific God, or any other worshipped symbol/object (Ego God, Sports God, Corporate God, Political God, Hollywood God, Gaming or Gambling God), understanding is the absolute key to laying down a strong foundation. Forget your dreams for now as they haven’t worked out so far, and keep a watchful eye on these inner movements first.

That is, unless your dreams have worked out so far, in which case forget this, and hats off to you!