Changing My Ways

After getting wound up in the wrong business, I decided enough was enough. Yet it took a miracle to pull myself out of a destructive way of living and move closer to the light. This section reveals how my newly found insights, on both thoughts and beliefs, enabled me to find a smoother path to follow. From bringing an end to my raging internal conflict, to finding my true faith, I was able to not only change the course of my life, I was able to change my entire life altogether.

📂 Updated Ways & Beliefs
  • Ending the Illusion
    • Become mindful of overcorrection by following the trajectory of my mindset as I went from extreme carelessness to extreme over-caring, finally landing at a happier middle ground.
  • Ending My Darker Shade
    • Finding my true colours, follow my journey as I move further away from my dark side while pursuing my brighter side, albeit a lighter shade of grey.
  • The Hidden Pickle
    • Despite my bright intentions, uncover the darker energies boiling within due to the increasing distance between me and the world I was desperately trying to live in.
  • Restoring Unity to My Divided State
    • Just when all seemed hopeless, see how an epiphany turned my life around, enabling me to merge my inner and outer worlds and create the singularity I had always lacked.
  • Life Extension Technology: Power Beyond the Tastebuds
    • Far from rocket science, follow my newly discovered path to a healthier, happier life, and see the role a change in diet plays in detoxing both the mind and the body.
  • Facts vs Beliefs: Memories & Refinements
    • Keep your mental feet on terra firma by discovering the trick known as The Offset, and see how it can keep you grounded in facts rather than swept away by sensationalised enhancements.
  • Balancing My Belief System
    • While contrary to popular consensus, explore how finding balance can actually stand in the way of progress, keeping you from understanding the true nature of life.