Ending My Darker Shade

Coming back to my earlier rogue life… The fact was, deep down, I didn’t like where I was heading, but I had lost control of the ship. Luckily, only moments or metres away from entering a hell I sure wouldn’t have enjoyed staying in, something pulled me back up at the eleventh hour because it wanted me to have another go at life. Well, that’s the only sense I can make of it. All in all, I was taught a really good lesson to not mess with the underground ever again from feeling the heat and connection between forces. Or, if I did, I was to take it above ground in future which I now know is much better for everyone’s sake.

Welcome to The Mindless Life 2.0

Next, and after a good hard think about everything on the long journey back to my comfortable earth that I’m now grateful for, I’d try to make up with life by donning this well-designed robe made of angelic light I’d heard all about. Here, I would start and continue reforming myself, deeply reflecting, as ‘I thought’ these new spiritual-like intentions I had latched onto were all righteous and would fix everything.

But in the midst of renewing and purifying the darker elements hidden in the background, the new outfit that was supposed to change my life forever started fading or losing its light. Instead, as time went on, I got the sense of a new, strong tone of grey seeping through as reality ultimately got under my skin. By adding too much lightness to thin out my darkness in a very short amount of time, something messed with my head, reinforcing a grey area or greyness to glaze through what I now call the basis of my life.

I often asked myself during this time “Was I after a revolution or transformation from my old ways, wholeheartedly?” In my desperation, I clearly wanted a fundamental change to occur. However, it might have been the only way I could get my sense of certainty and security to return to the same level as when I was a kid, which became my main goal at any cost. Not only that, but I was also running off years of both guilt and anger, along with terrible programming from my environment that I couldn’t shake off overnight. Hence, the dark-to-light-to-grey, unconventional transformation that took place in my life.

I remember a time when the cover of light was the only thing that I felt could have saved me from ending up in Hell. Believe me, I am truly grateful for my lifeline at the time, or my perception of it, which was the only element that brought comfort to my troubled mind. However, since my main issues kept bugging me in the background, and I couldn’t defuse them once and for all because they needed resolution with elements of my past, a fake illumination wasn’t going to last for long. This meant that below the bright robe was still a darker entity also downloading commands and programs so that I could gain both security and authority in myself and the community in which I live.

For a brief moment, I became a fully-fledged reformed character who’d speak only in the way of the light. My reinvention was also a final and desperate plea to the Universe to deal with all past mischiefs and to show everyone I’d really changed. But this time, it was going to be for the better.

Setting Camouflage to Maximum-Light (Lightest Grey Possible)

My massive leap into the Counterculture or Cancel-culture was one of the most uncomfortable times in life. Yet I felt I had no choice in the matter as a built-in emergency system took over and made me follow everything thru.

It was so annoying because above, or ‘near the surface’, I had trouble squeezing into the new me since the old one wouldn’t completely let up. Which meant that I couldn’t find myself, my ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ self if such an entity really exists at all.

“Lee, where abouts are you? Where are you hiding back there? Do you even exist for real, or has something simply fragmented into 3 parts the old and 7 parts the new to deal with all the negative consequences?” 

Talk about confusing existential times…

In essence, my desire and habit of scanning for different ways to manipulate and get back to business in the pretend new purified-me model was almost up. I could pull things off for a short while and speak with the filter of the light on board. But I would soon need a devilish release of some sort on the low to get me thru the harder times (which was as little as cursing under my breath.)

I was stuck in limbo land, in between the dead and living realms.

Plus, since I felt I was being watched at every moment by God almighty himself, or a sitting panel of supreme beings, I would try my hardest to be good and appease an overwhelming sense of guilt.

In the end, “Make it all go away!” was the ultimate demand pressing through my hidden frustration.

Luckily, though, I got my approval from the people around me which helped create the space I needed while dealing with serious background problems that required significant energy.

When under stress and duress, get redressed and then have a rest. If that’s what it takes to get out of the pickle you’re in.

So it didn’t take long to realise that the light is especially good for a little, much-needed timeout from the front lines. But it wasn’t a permanent solution. As the old saying goes, it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The Dark Chameleon
ChameLeeon – Special Infiltration Setting: Quiet Vegan + Minimalist + People Pleaser + (last but not least) Hidden Pickle With Elements of Darkness Demanding Expression.