Impact of Various Signals

Coming back to the realm of normality, or closer to other people’s version of normal thinking, when I look back at my history I see that the ‘sense of time’ was the number one card for determining my overall sensitivity. Meaning, it was all the ‘draining chatter’ carrying on about Yesterday and Tomorrow that affected my everyday perception of things. It was the up-and-down recollections and refinements of my thoughts (synonymous with Yesterday and Tomorrow Time dimensions) that led to a major obstacle affecting my drive, concentration and focus when trying to blend with the conventional world.

Time kept penetrating the containment field of my attention with thoughts similar to “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” when travelling long distances as a young passenger in a car. Most of this condition I believe was the result of too many signals being picked up by my sensors, causing hyperactivity to shape my psyche aggressively over time. You see, wherever I went there were many of these layers of static shooting over from the far background of my reality which I thought was normal activity. Some of them would form into relatable symbols, while others remained more of a mystery invoking even more chatter in the response. Not only that, but this content then got tacked onto all the other conventional layers of daily information processing in my mind, causing a hyperactive kid to always go off on a tangent.

For instance, I would perceive something abstract in the periphery of where I was, which soon becomes thought-provoking material that stirs my mind even more than what it already had been. Information offering too many outcomes in my response now means that my mind’s refinery apparatus is in overdrive as I attempt to make sense of the outskirts of my reality, while also having to deal with life directly in front of me. Therefore, I replay a multitude of events and scenarios over and over until I work out what everything is all about. Which, I never do, because the message gets lost the longer I tamper with it in my mind.

The Story of ‘Raw Static in the Far Background’

What is Raw Static (other than a messy signal)?

Other than being your typical annoyance until it’s tuned-in to a clear picture, Raw Static remains a mystery. Perhaps think of speeding asteroids/meteors/comets in outer space that first came together as dust particles, forming into larger masses or creations that would eventually carry and nurture life. In this case, those seemingly insignificant dust particles take the form of Raw Static, tiny pieces of information that have no real meaning of their own. However, what starts out as Raw Static can coalesce into something meaningful, a story with mass, life, and even purpose.

What Do I Generally Look for in Life?

My mind instinctively seeks out the composition or an understanding on a deeper level when it looks at some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘setting’.

Although, I always end up bypassing the materials that make up a thing and I head straight for the source that originated in a ‘Being’. Because behind every ‘thing’, which is a blending of the elements, was a ‘Being’ or group of them that gave it shape, meaning and purpose.

A ‘Being’ is none other than a ‘Spark’ plugged into a bag of bones made of elements that we’ve now called Human (or Animal). The elements form into life from vortices, such as plants, animals and humans. Following on, we humans make things out of the same elements to better serve our lives.

Next, if I sense strong feelings from scanning a thing/person/animal from the stage that he/she or it stands on, I further react with many ideas that show possibilities of a relationship either working for us or not. In terms of a person, I try to make deeper sense of why we’ve made contact by allowing psychological building blocks to form a bridge between the foreground or surface layer of somebody’s character, and the background of their existence that reveals their conditioning and nature. Somehow, I step lightly across this invisible bridge to someone’s make-up (or at least, I believe that I do), but only to the point of gaining a sense of overall trajectory for myself.

Some questions I quietly ask in my mind are:

What made them move left or right in their life?
Why are they so happy about this?
Why are they so sad about that?

Depending on the situation, I might also need to know why they are only showing little concern for certain things in life, while overreacting to other events. Therefore, I take in all available data which soon paints a picture of the being that resides within.

As a result of their language and any emanating signals they give off, such as body language and beyond, I gain a sense of direction in a person by glimpsing into their field of existence. Therefore, I can now adjust my heading accordingly.