Radical Education & My Assignment

It was only after a severe crisis that I would find the key to my change, which is unfortunate in the one sense. While on the other, I got a kick-ass lesson you definitely WON’T find inside a conventional classroom. Or you could say I landed in a bigger class with different rules, which also meant that failing wasn’t an option.

Instead, there was only ever ONE WAY out of my delinquent school. Either I was to succeed and grow out of my bad ways, or say goodbye to any prospect of normality and get buried DEEP within a psych ward behind meds and botched-up paperwork. Otherwise, there was no in-between.

Though, I sometimes wish I could have learned my life lessons in everyday books, where one can theoretically measure human problems based on previously-felt sensations (in a limited or sheltered existence) and come to a reliable fix from the words of someone else’s experience. But this academic (yet somewhat anecdotal) approach was not the path for me. Instead, I got hands-on and dug into the dirt from day one as subjectivity was my only subject.

Radical Education Assignment
  1. Experience modern life on the wild side.
  2. Keep compounding a problem until reaching a tipping point.
  3. Exhaust all conventional recovery methods without success.
  4. Deeply scan the periphery of reality for help on getting life back together.
  5. Only just recover from everything through unconventional measures.
  6. Open and strengthen new pathways, including neural pathways.
  7. Report my findings…


It was a little late. But “Better late than never”, as they say.