Surreal Training Camp

Without question, my biggest motivator for change of all time was fear. Thankfully, that has now downgraded to a manageable system, but not before leaving me all ruffled up. After a line of troubling behaviour escalating from a kid, this ultimately led to detention away from a sane playground, and I ended up in another yard with other troubled (although some were also quite surprising in their ways), reality-challenged people.

In the strangest of ways, off I briefly went to a psych ward for the very first time (1 of 2 times in this era to be exact). I got sent to a specialised timeout corner where I lost my power and freedom, which I admit was well deserved. Though I should point out that the stay was only brief in Calendar Time terms. Perceived Time, on the other hand, was a TOTALLY different story. This is why I often refer to the phrase Time Compression Field throughout the network.

In this bizarre time-altering dimension, each experience drags on painstakingly slow. At times, I often thought that life was chopping and changing in slow motion, while the nervous system went haywire and my heart palpitated non-stop. On top, being removed from one playground and put into another, where I had to deal with not only my own outrageous thoughts but those of others as well, was nothing short of a nightmare.

One of the most disturbing phenomena was when among all the crazy talk in this new environment, all of a sudden, a well-crafted and meaningful message would hit me from someone I had recently just met or was yet to meet, believe it or not. It felt like these particular words had a purpose for my ears only, so I took them seriously. Either I would get the message directly while being spoken to, or indirectly as I overheard conversations taking place only metres away (conversations as a monologue with themselves or dialogue with others), which really freaked me out. It seemed the periphery had turned into a message exchange program on an unbelievable level to get a clear message across to me.

No matter how the message was delivered, its significance undoubtedly moved me to great lengths. And what made this phenomenon even stranger is that on a few occasions I would get a clear as daylight message containing an answer to a question that had simply arisen in my mind moments before, but remained as yet unspoken. “How can this possibly be?” I kept thinking in disbelief. Evidently, I was receiving sporadic personalised messages that were tied in with the way I had conducted myself in life. It was freakishly strange, and I had always kept it to myself until now.

By this stage, I truly felt confused, inferior, and even further isolated from folks. It was as though some sort of ancestral energy could channel through a few of these psychically charged misfits who were around me, but they were only open to so much information before they would flicker back to their challenged state of affairs. Who knows? Perhaps I may have been operating the same way towards those around me inadvertently too.

So there I was all messed up in an area full of highly polarised people, unstable behaviour, and sporadic moments of psychic phenomena that just didn’t make any sense at the time. Talk about never going home the same again. It was like I was on a bad trip except there was no end in sight. I can only say that I got served the strangest sentence by an unconventional justice system that operates at this other level.

From my experience, the most psychically charged places in the world aren’t found in the so-called haunted house, closed-down hospitals, churches or cemeteries. Instead, they are in the psychiatric ward, and you can be assured that every community has at least one of them. To be honest, I’m still catching my breath today over it all. The only thing that could debunk this perspective is that these people were never around me to begin with (channelling misfits), and they or their chatter was all in my head.