Blurring My Worlds – The Real & Unreal

Throughout life up until now, I moved backwards and sideways in my reality via the Level 1 complicated way of ‘thinking more to achieve less’ (as you should know by now because I’ve rattled on and on about little else…). Unfortunately, it was a psychodemic only ever looked at and dealt with superficially up until a few years ago. In other words, I lived rigidly, clumsily and stupidly when producing outwardly in the real world. While inwardly, I felt I had everything perfectly crisp. You see, that’s the catch 22 of a Level 1 revolving door!

And these habits weren’t only ‘sometimes’ either which might have been ok. But a ‘lack of flow’ from too much thinking ruled almost all aspects of physical life, which I then went the extra step to compensate for by manufacturing a ‘fake flow’ from refined foods and chemicals.

Well, the harder stuff of booze and drugs created a greater artificial space to combat the compression felt in my ideas. On top, it also made my unreal world look and feel particularly real, which thereby fed my ego even more so that I ended up living in another reality altogether. ‘Compression of time leads to a depression of mind’ is what I ultimately worked out though. This is exactly why I escaped and floated my way through life.

You see, when I wasn’t stumbling like a fool from condensed thinking, I was drifting about on a cloud like a fool from the extreme opposite way of thinking. So either way, I would simply end up a fool, making me a total fool.

My everyday traits were driven by an unrealistic future that turned out to be nothing more than a byproduct from overloading the sensors

So the Next Question Arose…

How do I shift this internal overactivity that’s burning ablaze inside and transfer its energy outwardly, strengthening my interaction with the real world?

Instead of running up and down the house like a locked up kid on sugar, I needed to get outdoors asap.