The General Mind & Dimension

The General Dimension is a field of perception closely tied to physical reality, where most minds operate efficiently through straightforward, black-and-white integration. With less interference or exposure to the Broader Field, or less inundation of Raw Static, thoughts have more space to develop, and mental programs are easier to follow. Additionally, the reward systems in General Minds are more stable, as these minds lack the feature that can cause erratic reward patterns in Highly Sensitive People. This erratic reward pattern often leads to escapism and a strained life for the Highly Sensitive Person.

Traditions and conventions in today’s world are structured to keep the broader scope at a distance. By filtering out a specific range of information from most minds and applying simple, black-and-white programming, society mobilises the masses into an efficient working-class force. This approach simplifies the complexities of life, enabling individuals to focus on immediate tasks rather than the bigger picture. When people concentrate on one or two immediate concerns rather than broader issues, they gain greater flexibility to manage finer details.

The Strength of the General Mind

General Minds, or “The Herd,” are gifted with the ability to craft stronger, more precise movements in smaller areas.

This ability allows them to excel in tasks requiring focus and attention to detail, contributing significantly to the construction and maintenance of the outside world. Their stable reward systems and efficient mental processing enable them to function effectively within the structured frameworks of society.