The General Mind & Dimension

The General Dimension is a field of perception in close contact with physical reality and most minds run efficiently here in either black or white. With less interference or exposure picked up from the Broader Field, or less inundation of Raw Static, thoughts have room to breathe and programs are easier to follow. Also, reward systems are not so up and down because these guys haven’t inherited the higher sensitivity feature that in most cases lives on as ‘untamed’ in the minority. Which, as a result, allows the highly sensitive person to easily escape life.

Traditions and conventions in today’s world are wired so that the larger scope stays at a distance. By filtering out a specific range of info-martian from most minds while feeding over black and white on top, the masses were mobilised into a working-class and the outside world was constructed. You see when folks only have to worry about one or two feet in front in terms of bigger pictures outside life conventions, it gives them greater flexibility in their movements to attend the finer details.

The Herd are gifted a greater movement in a smaller area.

Informartian ship
Stay Black & White 📡 Stay Black & White 📡.

Are you ready for the long journey to Mars? Prepare to enter the Highly Sensitive Up & Down Mind next.