Recap From the Top

Within the Walking are the General and the Minority as I have already laid out (90%/10% split). In all honesty, both have helped me get my life back together in many ways, especially in technical aspects. I’m simply annoyed because I have fallen out of synch and have no interest in returning or realigning. So I now expect everyone else to follow my lead which is slowly starting to move at a better rate.

However, when it comes to the psychological or mental health realm, on the end far away from technical life, I automatically offset my general thinking of these with a tweak. Otherwise, if this doesn’t happen, I’m DOOMED to a polarity war within myself. That is, all the up and down voices take over and drain away my energy.

The Majority may find this hard to understand because they manage the poles with greater efficiency inside a general-scoped mind as I have mentioned again and again. But for me, and other Highly Sensitive Minds, we’ll get caught up and move further into an unreal world where we destabilise everyone’s reality. I understand that some ways work well with most people, but unfortunately, these ideas don’t fit inside my house and never properly did.

Today, most positive thoughts aimed at me simply no longer convert into sensation underneath, or as much as they could. In fact, it’s my new setting when dealing with the Herd. I have to drop it back a few notches for the sake of my well-being and not risk getting caught up on the wrong side of the imagination. Besides, this is my invisible land now anyway, and reality is only catching up and expanding space in my favour as a result of my newly-found discipline.

For me to get anywhere close to moving forward over the years, I travelled backwards entirely on the low using the new Level 2 approach.