The Taming Power of Ideation

Ideas consume life, but the long-term effects are never looked at closely enough, which is quite strange when you think about it (no pun intended). We are always talking about the abstract nature in our ideas. However, we never talk about how ideas in general shape our lives. Let’s explore the nature of Ideation, which consists of ‘Idea forming’, ‘Idea controlling’, and ‘Idea releasing’.

If left unchecked, constantly processing my thoughts and imagery in exchange for heightened sensation puts unnecessary weight on my psyche and the path I walk in life.

Here’s an example of an idea that had strong paint back in the day:

Growing up, I was told that I only had one life (which I now know holds no solid fact).

How on Earth do I know that ‘one life’ is true? How can I be sure that my space of observation won’t reconstitute, and I wake up as either myself again as a baby or toddler, or as someone else completely? Or, perhaps I could respawn as another type of species or being? It’s not a stupid idea as an eternal element may be a requirement of life. Truth is, billions of years might pass until all the stars realign again from another Big Bang that harbors biological life. But for me and you, it could be just a blink of an eye, and we could be operating in a cosmic loop. After all, infinity is a long, long time. Perhaps to the point of being a type of hell, once recognised.

That said, under such a belief as ‘one life’, why not cram as many thoughts as possible to the surface of my mind while I’m temporarily existing, and get more bang for my existential buck? Because if I don’t, I’ll be missing out on numerous ways and possibilities to venture through life since this embodiment will never occur again. In fact, this can amount to detrimental pressure on a Highly Sensitive Mind by having too many radical agendas at hand. Fortunately, by implementing disciplined ideation, I am able to free myself from these needless pressures.

Ideation Revealed:

“I’m a once-off freak of nature!”  This is the Idea Forming phase. If allowed to run rampant, this train of thought would cause me to live my life recklessly, trying to enjoy every pleasure while avoiding every responsibility as this was my only shot at a good and fun life.

“But wouldn’t you agree that this perception was only made possible after billions (if not trillions) of conditions were met?” This is where Idea Controlling comes into play. Rather than be held hostage by my knee-jerk reaction to the initial thought, I am able to explore deeper connotations, such as:

From a HUGE vast void of emptiness, what else is there to do except to create conditions and eventually perceptions out of condensed gas over billions or trillions of years? From the void of nothing, escalating to a spark, then gas, and all the elements that make life, came human existence, me and you.


Life was ALWAYS meant to play out in an endless sparky theatre production. It is impossible for it not to occur when you really understand it. In fact, it’s only a short-sighted human perception that suggests otherwise, thus giving us the strong idea of limitation and temporariness. And now I am able to enter the final phase, that of Idea Releasing:

“Perhaps the notion of ‘one life’ does actually serve a purpose.” Now, rather than being controlled by the thought, or rising to the challenge of proving the thought wrong, I can simply agree to disagree. Even better, I can learn a valuable lesson, such as:

The notion of one life is for the simple sake of growth and development for many Beings, or else we’ll become complacent as a species, degenerate, and die off as we are known to appreciate finite things far more than abundant things.

Fortunately, I can now see the light in the saying…

“Those who think that they know all the answers most likely know nothing.”

And thus, the original thought, which holds no lasting value in my world, is effectively released.