A New Take on the ‘Walking’ & ‘Walking Dead’

Many people have influenced me over the years. However, only a small number of those who have left a considerable mark on my world through their wisdom and examples of behaviour are alive today. The others had already departed this world some time ago or even before I was born. Additionally, just outside the Human Essence Spectrum is a broader field of influence that is also significantly responsible for who I have become today. Its force continues to nudge my attention towards different directions and sources of information. Unfortunately, it’s a tough one to elaborate on the finer details as this is all still unfolding.

All up, there are humans, departed humans, and another type of guiding force affecting my reality to this day. Once I was able to wrap my head around all these influences, from both the living and dead, tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, I did discover the main lesson being taught to me. And that’s what NOT to do in life in terms of minimising complications, rather than trying to fix them with more complicated formulas.

What can I say? Other than things ultimately changed for me in a time of despair, and I started seeing life thru another set of eyes tuned in to a very long-distance vision or outlook on the bigger-picture stuff. And guess what? There’s now an ever-growing percentage of human behaviour that looks ‘backwards’ to me. To be honest, sometimes I wish my perspective would not register this as much and could flick back closer to where it once was, to a shorter distance picture where life is just a one-off event; you live, you die, and that’s it. Casting a solid piece of doubt really changed things for me.

So, in order to restore capacity from my state of incapacitation back in the day, I had to pull out some serious smarts over the years, or do something, anything, to change my direction onto a better path. The truth is, because of my existential crisis, I see the dead as vibrantly alive these days, the invisible influence somewhat visible, and that’s where my undivided attention is now focussed. You could say a revolution took place in my living paradigm.

Before we go any further, I should take a moment to clearly define the terms ‘dead’, ‘walking’, ‘walking dead’ and ‘departed’ so as to avoid any confusion:

  • ‘Dead’ – Non-visible, yet powerful field of influence beyond the five senses. (Taking on a new vibrant meaning.)
  • ‘Walking’ – Those living without an extremist mind. (Taking on a responsible, less complicated meaning.)
  • ‘Walking Dead’ – Those living with an extremist mind. (Taking on the old zombie meaning.)
  • ‘Departed’ – Human influencers who are no longer with us (but their essence continues to shape human behaviour).

Every belief system, social tradition, cultural expression, and even much of the music we still listen to comes from folks who are no longer on this plane of existence. Nevertheless, they are very influential. Nowadays, I’m more focussed on watching behaviours shape over time or seeing qualities pass on to the next person, rather than being fixated on everyday stagnant knowledge. I’m always making comparisons between generations and eras, dialects and mannerisms, which not only transports me to another time, but gives me an outlook for what may lay ahead.

Admittedly, everyday knowledge is obviously important otherwise we wouldn’t make much sense to one another. Still, I’m more fascinated at how a mind can polarise so much from absorbing unbalanced knowledge that it turns the host into ‘the walking dead’, which is no good for anyone. Is knowledge being read properly by each family, community, or generation? Or has it been dressed up or stripped down too much to the point of making an extremist mind? Are we truly living our lives, or are the departed living too little in some aspects through us, while too much in other aspects? This is where the quality of knowledge and culture is needed.

As a result of this incredibly unique combination of influences, my attention now faces inwards towards the mechanical aspect of “Me”, “Myself”, and “I”. I heard a deeper voice who kept repeating… “Lee, you need to look at yourself closely”. So I did, and it stung because I didn’t like what I saw. And even though I turned away a few times in the beginning out of my usual fears, denial, pride, etc., I would always come back to listen to what the invisible field had to say.

Listening at another level or field of existence is what led to my steady ground today.

The Importance of the ‘Walking’ as Well

Ok, I better back it up and give credit to the Walking as well. Otherwise, I won’t be making too many friends.

The Walking, in general, have also significantly helped, and without them I would be stuffed. It’s just that… I get frustrated at times as they can carry on with things that have very little meaning to me anymore, and it’s hard work keeping up with them. No one gave me the time to resolve my issues back then (nor were they even aware of just how deep those issues really were), so my mind is elsewhere, as I have severely deviated from the conventional path.

In fact, I would say I’m reacting quite normally under the circumstances. After all, I was left with no choice whatsoever but to fortify myself in another reality by further compartmentalising my life.