Inflation – Extended Definition

Some of my ideas and ideals produce a certain satisfaction, so it’s easy to get addicted to them and hunt for even more sensation. This ‘hunting’, which is second nature, requires my imagination to further enhance or redefine the elements on my mental canvas, thereby ‘inflating’ my unreality with fuel from the positive side of the sensational spectrum. Conversely, reality can also serve back a good dose from the negative side of the sensational spectrum due to cause and effect from the positive charge.

In life, I routinely inflate my unreal world with artificial space, elements, and objects, which is space away from one state of mind and towards a more desirable state of mind. However, as I keep adding distance to an opposing state, there’s an increased risk of my actions not fitting in with reality from all the designing, controlling, and filtration in front. A multilayered space soon impedes my dealings with life from not seeing reality clearly.

Like everyone, I want the energy of my thoughts to help me throughout life. However, I must also be aware of inflating them too much, because my life then becomes all about these comforting short-term bubbles and holding onto desirable altered states of mind, followed by an uncomfortable dark cloud coming in from the horizon. Rinse and repeat.

Learning the hard way, I led my life from an alternate reality and eventually hit a wall. Nowadays, as things stay well managed and I don’t go overboard, there’s no problem with a little mental inflation. Balance is key.