/inˈflāSH(ə)n/: The condition where my inner reality overrides my outer reality through the adding of sensationalism on both ends of the spectrum. 1) Through positive ideas, thoughts and images to soften otherwise unwanted sensations. 2) Through negative ideas, thoughts and images from empowered or suppressed outstanding issues.

Some of my ideas and ideals produce a certain satisfaction, so it’s easy to become addicted to them and hunt for more sensation. This ‘hunting’, which is second nature to me, requires my imagination to further enhance or redefine the elements on my mental canvas — thereby ‘inflating’ my unreality with fuel from the good side of the sensational spectrum.

In life, I continually inflate my unreal world with artificial space, which is space away from one state of mind and towards a more desirable state of mind. But as I keep adding distance to the ‘norms of life’, there’s an increasing risk of my actions not fitting in with reality because the filters will interfere — thereby causing fuel from the bad side of the sensational spectrum to enter the scene.

I want the power of thoughts to help me throughout life as I’m sure we all do. However, I must also be aware of inflating them too much, because my life then becomes all about these comforting short term bubbles and holding onto desirable altered states of mind.

Learning the hard way: By leading my life from an alternate reality, I eventually hit a wall.

Nowadays: As things stay well managed and I don’t go overboard… there’s no problem with a little inflation.