The World of Thought as an Invisible Force

Power of an idea.

Now because ‘thought’ plays a huge role in my life, is a regular place I’m troubled from, and my attempt to fix things using my non-troubled side would always fail or be too short-lived, it was only logical that I delve deeper into thought’s nature.

Otherwise, I could stay and continue the shenanigans on the surface, as usual, hunting for an elusive almighty mental-piece that would end all ails. But why bother anymore? I’ve played games for far too long already. The refinement that I project might provide a sense of something helpful in a quick pleasantry or two. But the reality is, the paradigm under which I operate is still the same.

I use an ancient old technique to escape a negative experience by scouting my mind for overriding positives experiences.

My Journey Into the Nature of Thought

Over the last decade, I had a strong interest in better understanding my thoughts, especially after trying everything else to get my mind on track. This extremely deep mission had me looking into all the energetic packets of influences embedded within or behind my thinking, so I could get to the source of the issue once and for all. Something said, “Lee, go find out whatever it is that’s serving up the KICK in your mind.” So naturally, off I went to explore the backstage of my imagination, seeing the cast, crew and all the makeup artists that put together the image and film.

After endless meetings, or examining, scanning and interpreting the results over the years, I found I was being affected by both clear and unclear scenes in my mind. For example, either I would see something clearly that significantly affects me, or I couldn’t see something clearly, and this insecurity of not knowing what’s ahead also affected me in the same manner, if not more. Both a clear direct threat towards conflict and the potential of a conflict arising from uncertainty produced potent psychology that largely impacted the way I behaved.

Therefore, since these tiny yet powerful emotionally-filled snippets of information rocked my world and moved me to extremes at both ends of the pole, in the greatest of pleasures and horrific fears, I knew it was time to get into gear and look closer into my psychology.