‘Lessing’ In a Nutshell: Part Two

Now that we have explored the mechanics of both the More-ish and Less-ish Mind types it’s time to dive deeper into the process of Lessing. This page will uncover the two types of Lessing, showing the similarities and differences, along with the rewards and pitfalls associated with each.

What Is ‘Lessing’ in Level 1?

‘Traditional Lessing’ or being mindful (general meditation) is my effort to bring an immediate change in my state of mind through a program or demand that redirects my attention away from the noise, providing relief for a certain length of time. In other words, using various tactics to deal with different levels of pressure, I am creating a short term space.

Some examples of this are “Think of all the positive things in your life” and “Focus on your breathing to slow down your mind.” Within these methods, attention is taken away from the troubles by an act of manufacturing a thought-created space via a deflection habit in unreality. Simply put, the good thoughts eventually stamp out the bad ones.

However, when the pressure is more intense, I go a step further and involve the physical world to create more space; i.e., I stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system with my deep breathing to help relax the sympathetic nervous system which is physically responsible for turning up the heat across my body. Following on, I add positive suggestions and imagery to further relieve the negative or heavier pressure, which ultimately causes a shift in my state of mind while any outstanding problems go dormant for a short while.

What more can I say? This process is my beloved release valve.

From ‘winding-down’ using subtle forces, to ‘escapism’ using excess social media, booze and drugs (moving into blatant escapism), I apply the appropriate sweeping force that’s needed to clear my mind of the noise right now. This is the nature of Level 1 Lessing.

What Is ‘Lessing’ in Level 2?

‘Mindlessing’ or ‘Being Mindless’ (in a new, light-hearted sense), is to simply observe deeper and see all programs INTERCHANGE from a positive to a negative, then back to a positive again as the relentless cycle begins to unfold. In turn, this allows a natural shaping to take place gradually. Thus, rather than adding more thought in order to deflect pressure, I step out of the thought process altogether. In a way, it’s the difference between removing my mind from the pressure, as opposed to removing the pressure from my mind. Using this method means I won’t be so up and down over a long term investment of positive input to balance negative pressure.

Needless to say, this ‘cleaning up’ can only occur once I acknowledge my typical noisy mind and its interchanging, otherwise all this jargon will make little sense. In which case, the word ‘Mindless’ would continue representing inferior qualities if this condition is not met. Hence, let’s keep it at or above 2.0.

‘Lessing’ in the new Level 2 context stems from another world and isn’t a conscious demand. It occurs naturally from observing at a wider, deeper angle.

What Is the Potential Negative Consequence of Lessing in Level 1?

Typically, a general mindset will be able to manage their level 1 ‘Lessing Lifestyle’ more efficiently than their counterpart. Alternatively, it’s an OVERLOAD of extremes that can be all-consuming for a highly sensitive mind. An overload of ‘good’ will trigger a reactionary dose of ‘bad’, and so the cycle would start its grip again. This is the law of the Psychological Universe (aka Innerverse), which is designed to maintain balance.

You see, when things get busy busy busy upstairs, regardless of good or bad sensations, this can act as a hypnotic weight for a Highly Sensitive Mind (time for the fairies…). Which means, there is a greater chance of complacency toward the outer world, creating even more problems to follow.

A hypnotised star fish.
Don’t disturb me! Can’t you see I’m busy, busy, busy?

Highly Sensitive People are people who absorb either ‘more’ or an ‘extended range’ of stimuli than others on life’s spectrometer, which creates another reality for them with even the slightest turn of the knob. Typically perceived in society as outcasts, they can also be very clever in their misfitting ways. HS folk go by many labels ranging from eccentric to ADHD to Asperger’s, thru to Bi-polar and Schizophrenia. It’s a tough maze to find the exit from, but it can be done.

✋🏽 Now listen up, Highly Sensitive Person. If I urge you to never give up trying to get out of your predicament, you will likely keep going around in circles trying. Take my word on it. I’ve been there many times. It’s best you give up a good portion of ‘trying to get your act together’, and use this energy to watch yourself closely instead.

Therefore, in regards to our Traditional Mindful Programs in Level 1 Lessing, they often suit the General Mindset but are not for everyone as hoped. For others, we run better on an emptier mind…

Never Mind! No mind! Less mind. Etc.

Get the drift?

Now say goodbye to traditional mindlessness and welcome aboard The Mindless Life 2.0.

A green head with an empty fuel guage.