The Two Types of Pleasure I Know

Some people think I’m mad for wanting to know our in-depth lifely specs. But why stay with cotton candy on the surface? Why continue living in such a limited field or without understanding the deeper rebound effect of our actions?

There are two types of fuel that produce pleasure as an attracting force in my life:

Two Pleasure Intake Channels
  1. Physical Stimuli which comes from the outside world.
  2. Psychological Stimuli which regulates the inner world.

The first is simple. It is anything from the outside entering in and affecting my brain’s reward centre making me feel good.

In regards to the second channel, the psychological aspect, this originates from the first. When physical life leaves an impression behind, trace residue from my experience moves up into my thoughts or basically becomes them, which is how the second channel is born.

To sum it up, the physical world comes in and stamps my mind, adding fuel to my psychology. Or the first channel casts a rainbow, which follows me on and off as I walk through life.

Maintaining My Pleasure Drive

Next, not only do I have the ability to relive these desirable sensations from my past by recalling and enhancing the story, but it’s a good part of my conditioning set on autopilot and entirely out of my control. My habits and patterns churn and burn all day, every day.

Also, I see that it works in a simple value exchange system. So long as there’s enough value gained from space away from my positive-infused attention (thereby providing crucial incubation for internal pleasure), or so long as there weren’t similar sensations in the moments before, a threshold is met and the fruit is ready for the picking.

Otherwise, without factoring in something to break it all up, I won’t recognise or be attracted to a particular shape within that feeling as much because it is still too fresh from earlier.

Lastly, memories that carry pleasure eventually wither down, which is why I’m always refining with the help of new records from fresher experiences: i.e., I accumulate more memories > harvest > refine > and extract the positive sensation. Known as my Inhouse Conditioning, this is what runs my life.

Physical Stimuli, in terms of converting pleasure, ranges from the low end with wind and sunlight and moves to the top of the ladder where we find sex and drugs. It’s massive. Any outside force making desirable contact with the organism is considered pleasure.

‘Appeal’, ‘juice’, or ‘nectar’ can be found in all forms of existence; light, waves, things, synthetics, organics, etc.