My Pleasure Without Discipline Chart

To break it down into something simple, below is the order of pleasure where I lack a clear understanding:

Pleasure Without Discipline

Let’s watch the sensations in human life move across the spectrum…

Resistance > Attraction > Conversion > Normalisation > Monotony > Repeat.

(The first three are also known as Fear > Desire > Pleasure.)

First, I desire a different state of mind thanks to the sense of time making my existence feel average (normalisation and monotony from a previous cycle), and eventually, uncomfortable and resistful.

Next, I find contrasting desired thoughts and physical stimuli to help achieve this change, and reactions take place. “Woohoo!” I’m happy again as a combination of my imagination + stimulation from the outer world synergise into pleasure.

Following on, I attempt to maintain my position or add more fuel. In which case my sensors soon become exhausted and my levels bottom out. Things turn rather normal as I burn through my emotional fuel.

Next up is monotony. I experience a type of hangover, unable to recognise any desirable state anymore as the process of time overly normalised everything.

Lastly, I’m highly agitated needing EXTRA fuel to escape this new unpleasant mental state, which brings me back to square one, and the cycle begins again.

Therefore, when entrenched in problems, I ignore them by calling in more pleasure in the form of compensating-space or psychological augmentation from both physical and psychological fuels. However, this too ends up failing until enough time elapses and my sensors have rested, my levels have increased, and I’m ready for the next round.

All day and every day, this cycle of the mind repeats itself.