/ˈsʌmbədi-′ĭ-təs/: The toxic condition where someone always turns the conversation into themselves. Somebody more or less explains how life is far better with their presence not only included, but usually at the top of the chain or in a superior position.

We all know that somebody, right? Often, they will start the show by contrasting or pointing out all of the perceived lower-quality features in the world around them, usually by means of subtle tactics at first, including coordinated hand and body gestures for added visual hypnotic effect. Following on from this position are a series of positive reinforcements and even more silly gestures by means of offering higher-quality solutions that only they can offer the world. Not only that, but in the case of any mistakes or negative events made on their part, they immediately rationalise the misguided action or dismiss their involvement, thereby always placing the blame elsewhere.

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