The Timeless

Otherwise known as the Active-Present or Real-Now, the Timeless is a powerful life-changing force that requires an unconventional approach. But once you understand it, there’ll be no stopping you. Let’s get straight into it and get active!

Past, Present & Future

In order to draw vitality from the Timeless we need to forget or at least not take so seriously Yesterday, Tomorrow, and any Idea, Ideal, Belief or Concept of the word ‘Now’. This includes the Past, Present and Future, which are also ALL Ideas when I think of them. These programs and encapsulators of thought, regardless of the order they operate, indicate that I’m processing well inside the field of Time.

In fact, nothing points me to the elusive Timeless other than negating my thoughts by releasing each story I form, letting them drift off into nothingness. By clearly recognising the process of Time as it enters my mind, I’m able to clear my mind by defusing it, otherwise known as simply ‘letting it all go’. However, it is much easier said than done at first.

Or in the simplest of terms, if there’s any way to tap into the Timeless, it is by recognising ‘Time’ and releasing that process, thereby drawing strength from this greater, incomprehensible field.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most life-changing disciplines outside conventional thinking I have ever come across. And I encourage all who can to please look at the fact of Time, instead of inflating the idea of the Timeless, which only creates a false reality within the field of Time. Rather, let’s now taper down the traditional meaning which encourages cascading thoughts to form a greater ‘state of mind’ through a god-like force. Ideally, we want to tap into a field of potential by negation or by tapping out of Time, allowing this discreet energy to help our real world first and foremost.

Also, the Active-Present or Real-Now implies that I’m running at an optimum level of thought, and it doesn’t actually mean I’m not thinking at all as that would be silly. In pristine conditions, I operate with no more than the necessary thought required to cater to each experience or task at hand. That way, my behaviour is born out of a place of space and not clutter. I gift myself the greatest capacity and strongest line of clean energy to act in.

The Finer Active Details

When I’m fully active in life, there are no middle-men draining me, neither a debate nor courtroom battle upstairs slowing things down in the usual uncertainty and 1up-1down ego chatter. There is no drawn-out choice making going on. When I enter my optimal active state, it means ‘Time as Thought’ minimises, if not dissipates altogether.

Also, I’m not neglecting Time in my habit to be ignorant and escape it. When I’m running at my optimal capacity, my energy doesn’t redirect into various floaty projections or fragmented versions of reality. It’s all systems go.

In today’s life, there’s an increasing trend which clearly shows that my thought processing has optimised. By successfully negating the positive godly force, I have become highly active in the outside world compared to previous years. Earlier, however, I would always rely inwardly on positive reinforcement in god-like mode to bring about a short-term boost, which always came at the expense of meaningful interaction with physical reality.

Less psychological activity is the key to my freedom.

As another bonus… I’ve opened myself up to receive greater joy in spontaneity, which is what happens when one naturally flows throughout life.

Done, Done & We Are Done!

(Only for now…)

Yes, we are now at the end of The Mindless Life 2.0, so thank you for joining me on this journey.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed my story and the odd angle and depth of perception it comes from. Please do use it to your advantage. Well, to be honest, you’ll have no choice in the matter as you are now wired in Mindless 2.0 circuitry. Also, jump on the Mailing List and stay updated with more related material to come.

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