/truːθ/: A description of a fact that is also influenced by the filters of imagination, including one’s personal narrative. A strong sensation of something being real or having happened in the past or about to happen in the future.

The feeling of Truth can be found in many pieces of information. However, it can also be lost out of those same pieces, either not long after, or many years after. When information or knowledge gets worshipped, cherished, or is deemed sacred or important for any reason, regardless of whether it bears fact or not, it has a tendency to transform into what we know as truth. The ideas become empowered with a force that overwhelms the mind and body. We can clearly see this energy work through religion. And just as there are many religions covering the full spectrum of human experience, so too, there are countless truths taking shape in each and every one of us.

My Truth is- I observe life through a network of filters designed to locate even more sensory value, thus keeping my truth at a premium.

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