Always Formulating

Other than the obvious meaning of pointing towards the future, ‘Tomorrow’ in Mindless lingo generally implies a time or scenario that is either better or worse off inside a projection. Oh, and it isn’t limited to the following day, being possibly weeks, months or years in this direction. Either I project and want to follow, or I project and want to move away from something of current interest. Which in any case, is supposed to steer me towards a preferred line in my reality.

For example, as I project an image I would like to manifest, my brain registers meaning while I feel sensations across my body. The image provides me with the inspiration I need to create a better ‘me’, ‘community’ or ‘relationship’. Otherwise, if I see trouble ahead from the image’s meaning, repulsion takes over my body and I step the opposite way to get the same result. In this case, the following images I project will generate a positive sensation in a ‘mere relief’ after moving the other way.

Also, many of these projections may look good in theory or in the one dimension upstairs. However, in most cases, I end up moving very little in my reality or I go one step further and increase the distance to my actual goal from wanting it too much. I struggle to bridge the gap between the Unreal and Real Worlds due to the lack of discipline or understanding that continually wastes my energy on overly active projections. The reality is I would often stay caught up inside a Highly Unreal Tomorrow under the impression that I’m about to step into success.

As for anyone who might be running extremes inside ‘Tomorrow’ and your reality suffers, you are in Level 1 Backwards Land. Stop and see the Level 1 Complex for what it is, and you might also stop hurting your reality from these powerful illusions of the mind that bend too much Time.

Tomorrow is the most significant psychological force driving humanity as its roots stem from Yesterday. Yesterday’s memory slides are processed with the content of my current experience in order to make new projections. In other words, throughout life, I deal with ‘what is ahead’ based on the ‘what was far behind and just behind’.