Constant Reminding

According to my experiences, Yesterday often implies a mind caught up in the past on the fear side of things. But just like Tomorrow, which I remind you isn’t limited to a calendar day, it can also suggest a positive note being played.

Fortunately, in the wake of everything, I’m not so drowned-out or as inundated by Yesterday’s heavier events since successfully negating the positives in my mind. This means that I’m not so caught up in clinging to previous pleasantries anymore which is where the heavier seeds were sown. I have now lessened the bite for when the cycle of life makes its way back from a positive note to a negative grind in that world of Mind-bending Time.

Now for a Frustrating Habit

Regardless of the emotional charge I felt when looking back into my history, I would often fool myself into thinking that an event happened one way, when in fact, it really went down in another way. This practice of tinkering with my past by discreetly photoshopping and filtering objects eventually turned into a habit, one that caused all sorts of problems down the track as I believed in a different set of events.

Powered by a combination of my ignorance and ego which reinforced the habit, I boldly created a false past by either watering down OR stirring up the recorded experience in my mind. I was always making new problems as my habit would take a copy of my original records and corrupt them into something else along the way. This meant that they definitely weren’t a clear representation of what took place in reality. I photoshop my history all the time, but it’s supposed to get archived under ‘Tomorrow’ if that makes sense.

I, the illusionist, hereby make this refinement a memory slide… (while also convincing others of the same misrepresentation).

Remember… The memory slide is an original record, while the enhancement or shaping, which is taking a copy of it and ‘polishing’ it, is a refinement. A refinement is fine so long as I see it for what it truly is.

And don’t worry… we’ve all been there with at least a little life exaggeration so that we create the better version of Yesterday for all to see. But now, I’m glad that I recognise my habit of making up convenient versions of the past.

Was My ‘Yesterday’ Fact or Fiction?

The moment I inflate or deflate any feature from the database by secretly taking a copy, modifying it and then switching it back under the seal of ‘authentic’, I have created a refined projection in place of the actual record, thus altering my perception of reality.

Unfortunately, identifying or running my life from modifications will always require more defending and reinforcing than necessary. It simply takes more of my energy when interacting with people who don’t see thru the same filters. Not only that, but I feel karma is real and is based on fact and not fiction, which makes keeping my perception honest all the more important. Otherwise, I need a strong rationalisation if I am to behave a certain way when fiction is involved.