Today’s Clearer Focus Lens

In light of everything I’ve learnt so far regarding the mechanics of focus, I can release most of the peripheral chatter before it takes hold of my attention. Although not entirely in every process that pops up, unfortunately, as I’ve only recently touched on this discipline. However, it is certainly enough to keep me on-track compared to where I was yesterday.

After a lifetime of bickering on the issue of trying to maintain focus to gain detail, meaning, and skill, it’s only this fresh approach that helped bring real change into my world. So long as my energy now has a clear channel to flow through, my focus stays sharp and is much easier to handle.

Today, Simple Focus is my new best friend.

Simple focus lens

Now that we’ve learnt all about these three players of desire, willpower, and focus from a Highly Sensitive Mind perspective, let’s move on to something a bit more normal and see how other influential things affect my world.

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