Differentiating the Tamed Highly Sensitive Mind Receiver From the Untamed

The distinction between disciplines is sooo MASSIVE that it both excites me and scares me. By finding and nurturing these untamed Highly Sensitive Minds in the community who each carry a uniqueness, I could unlock something great for us all.

An Undisciplined or Untamed Highly Sensitive Mind lives life in time-congestion. They battle big messy waves in strong currents and are always up and down. Therefore, any uniqueness often gets drowned out along the way.

This was how my mind operated in my earlier, untamed days. Before Lessing, I was always jumping between tasks and would hardly ever complete them.

Whereas, a Developed Highly Sensitive Mind lives a life aware of time-congestion. He/She surfs reliable waves because their insight makes them aware of ocean conditions ahead, allowing them to adjust their heading accordingly. On top, any unique potential they hold will now be able to unfold. Therefore, these guys are usually quite chilled and laid back, unruffled by what life throws their way.

This is how my mind operates now, since being upgraded to Mindless 2.0 philosophy. Now, I have much more energy in my life to achieve better-suited tasks that progress to an overall goal.