A Tricky Challenge

Plagued by a bizarre learning barrier I’d never seen before, I knew I had to try something fundamentally different. I had to stop wasting both my time and energy stuck in a revolving door of always learning the hard way.

Only now, after a good deal of watching these cunning intentions perform their manoeuvres over the years, would my feelings toward the matter of ‘fully understanding’ each experience strengthen. That is, something profound happened in an ‘understanding transformation’ or ‘evolution’, and it re-energised my situation. Another crucial game-changer unravelled since finally seeing how this bad habit was blocking my progress in life.

What triggered the first course of action was when I took a moment to look at the flow of information processing as I was learning, without reading too much into it. Seeing the ‘workload’ rather than the details, if you will. Although, admittedly, it was hard to spot and let go of each stale learning affair at the beginning of this discipline because it was such a normal way of living for me. Not only that, but I also loved sharing and duplicating my habit with friends, family, and anyone else nearby who’d naturally spread the bad trait on. We were all getting caught up in a type of learning spam.

When I first detected it, I thought to myself: “Not only am I infected with a type of spam that affects my learning, but it feels like I’m spreading it on to the next person inadvertently. Also, did I catch a dose of this from others growing up? Or are some people more sensitive and spread it more than others?”

Fortunately, as I continued observing each phase over the years, my subtle cutback from forcing myself to understand something, along with constantly replaying information surrounding an alleged incomplete understanding, was definitely enough to start unwinding or unlearning from what kept me in circles before. This helped to not only undo my mind-spam, but also to keep from infecting others, so I have a cleaner sphere of influence as a result. And yet, I haven’t even touched on the topics or subjects of information to be learnt as this discipline is about freeing up the background for the sake of clarity and more capacity.

Releasing ‘My Understanding of Things’ at the Second-Hand Level

In the end, by NOT continuing the impractical fascination of a better or finer understanding into something that had already dealt its card, I’d finally left enough quality room upstairs to energise and learn the next crucial piece of the puzzle. It was a matter of getting out of my own way in the future of learning, leaving behind a clean space of energy for my attention to attend.

I figured, whatever experiences were to follow from here, I’d have a much better chance of understanding in real-time without all the background commotion. Therefore, my trust went into this completely backwards approach, with the trade-off being I was to let go of the replay in order to allow quality to thrive as first impression is always best. Unfortunately, catching and releasing the complication proved tricky at first, as I’m so ingrained to grab hold of all my files upstairs to extract more and more sensation.

Stop the replay
Say NO to replaying the same information over and over in order to better understand it.