When Great Is NOT as Great, It’s Far Greater

Today, my overall quest for a Greater Life Understanding has lost its pull since my cogs have tamed and my ability to learn has optimised. Or so it appears that way.

But please don’t get me wrong. The quest is still back there, quietly lurking, taking its time in the deeper sense of a tide that will shape the internal shores one day. Plus, there’s no denying I now want to learn and extend onto other fields that have spawned stronger interest from the energy I have gathered.

What Is the Number 1 Thing I’ve Learned About ‘My Understanding’?

I need to clear the screen and untoggle the ‘repeat’ switch. Otherwise, I won’t achieve anything worthwhile by continuing these bad habits of the mind.

This unconventional understanding (built for the 10%) has been the mother help of all helps. She was the greatest help in debunking the whole Greatness Industrial Complex in terms of my greater understanding of things that I was trapped in, through an endless loop. And for anyone else who applies this Mindware Update, I’m sure they’ll agree too.

Today, I hold enough desire or appeal to keep the flame alive and strong, but not enough to overload my sensors and throw me out of whack. I want to learn at my best capacity and retain only the important information for later recollection.

How Did I Access This Deeper Optimisation Tool?

Through the Mindware update, of course. Releasing myself from the ‘capture of my urges’, the rummaging in-and-around the archives for sensation duplication, enabled the greatest quality in my life. Nothing else ever came close.

I was under the illusion all my life that memory impressions were the absolute key to success. But playing with too many of them got in the way.

Deeper Understanding Insight Patch

It’s time to patch up, my friends. Get this into you!

My initial understanding fires off Elation/Joy:

[First-Hand] Wow, I understand this process of life. I feel vibrantly alive from all the outside signals surging in. The flash has reshaped my consciousness, having paved the way for ‘deeper meaning’ to engulf me.

My recollection or remembrance of Elation/Joy is a downgraded process now found in Pleasure:

[Second-Hand] Again, wow. But this time, only ‘-ish’, not quite the same. [Now comes a demand] I want to know more of what I first experienced! I want to re-experience the density of the initial rush again, so I’ll keep digging around on the inside, looking for the surging signals that can only come from the outside.