Overthinking – Consumed in Time

The fog of time
When my perception of the present reality secretly redirects to the events of yesterday and the possibility of tomorrow… I’m consumed in time!

Now that we have established that time equals thought (the yesterday memory and tomorrow projection), let’s try not to get too consumed in time.

When properly recognised and understood, psychological time, in both its free-flowing and distressed forms, can be a real beneficial aspect to life. After all, it provides the internal space in which I can contemplate situations in life, both positive and negative, thus enabling me to make decisions on how to face them. Unfortunately, as internal time is powerful, capable of seeming both longer and shorter than its physical counterpart hanging on the wall, it can also create a new trap that can significantly undermine my ability to act efficiently within the ‘real world’. This trap is Overthinking, or when I get consumed in time by compressing many thoughts into the one equation.

The Fall of the Present Reality

It’s easy to get consumed or lost in time especially after I ignore my problems. When I see a challenge or problem, or when byproducts spill from not managing my overall intakes properly, I create the conditions for a change in my ‘perception of reality’. For example, both the urgency to fix an issue straight away (a strong attraction force) and my resistance against making actual contact with the person or event as the interval closes in (a powerful repulsive band), CLASH. These two forces, when put together, create a distinct tight space that consumes my energy, and I don’t see life properly.

You see, I’m eager to fix whatever is causing the tension, but soon my habits take over and I either move away from the hotspot in a backward rationalisation or I approach the matter without any clarity at hand. Therefore, the sense of time is the only real winner that takes all. Time takes over my life by consuming all of my energy in order to create and recreate its own countless versions of reality.

Often, I would speculate on ways I could fix my problems but without ever making contact with the issues in reality. “Dear Universe, please give me a solid loophole to bypass or navigate around the drama of time and I’ll fix you up for it later!” In a solid response, the Universe said… “This type of fixing is ‘escaping’, which is always temporary at best and loads up more problems ahead. Lee, you can only adequately deal with your problems and the annoying sense of time when there is direct contact with life and no escaping.” In other words, She wouldn’t sit idle and let me use the tactics of the past anymore!

Yet, I found it to be all easier said than done, at first…

The Time Compression Process

Being consumed in time is to overthink which soon creates conditions for a Time Compression Field.

Psychological Time (Any conscious activity).

Consumed in Time (Overthinking – alternating the negative & positive).

Distressed or Compressed Time (Time Compression Field – negative only).

This is how being consumed in time can take any situation, good or bad, and convert it into Distressed Time, thus weighing down your mind and keeping you from your true potential.

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