Overthinking – the Fog of Time

The fog of time

It’s time, time, and freakin time again!

Although, luckily, nowadays ‘time’ is finally overrated and under-used in my world.

Time, in general or by default (without adding ‘psychological’ or anything else before or after the word), implies a conditioned mind on duty.


My brain reacts to any number of mental dilemmas, challenges and program overflow from its past exposures by increasing all the processes in my mind. Also, time can kick-off from any unexpected, chaotic events that pop up, compressing more thoughts into the equation.

Time, either by an internal cycle or responding to the outside world, produces higher than usual tension.

Mustering Up the Fog

When I see a challenge or problem, or when byproducts spill from not managing my overall intakes, I create the conditions for fog. Both the urgency to fix my issue at the beginning (an attraction force) and my resistance against making actual contact with the person or event as the interval closes in (a repulsive band), CLASH. In other words, I’m eager to fix whatever is causing the tension but soon the reality of my habits take over… and I move away.

Therefore, my internal chatter-man is the only real winner who takes over and drains my energy.

I would often speculate on ways I could fix my problems but without ever making contact with the issues in reality. Dear Universe, please give me a solid loophole! However, this type of fixing is ‘escaping’, which loads up more problems ahead.

So basically, the universe said that I can only adequately deal with my problems and the annoying sense of default time or the fog of time when there is direct contact with life and no escaping.

The Time Chart

The fog of time is on the higher end of idle and is in the lead up before I enter the Time Compression Field.

Here is the order or scale starting at the least resisting time-variant:

  • Psychological Time (Any Conscious Activity)
    • General-Implied Time (Time / the Fog of Time)
      • Compressed or Amplified Time (Time Compression Field) – Up next…

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