Disc 7: A Stronger System

The word Mindless or Mindlessing is a complete idea that cannot grow or wander off into an overwhelming ideology or a wild system of thought if understood properly.

That is, it cannot downgrade to a dictating belief with sensations, either positively or negatively charged, that RULE my world. Which wouldn’t matter either way, since each pole gets turned upside down numerous times a day (if not hour) whether I like it or not!

When ruled by sensation…

I worship my home, criticise yours, then I go back to worship again. All while I stay on the defensive as you and others attack my home and my way of life.

When not ruled by sensation…

I understand the Core Mindless Idea. Therefore the idea is WHOLE and my mind promptly ends in no-idea, thus avoiding any energy-draining story. Otherwise, I continue with all the commotion.

So please… no seriousness people. Or keep it very little!

I’m serious!

From the start of the ‘Core Mindless Idea’, only one line of code is produced by my mind:

<Begin Updated Core Psychological Activity>

Value: Observe any internal pressures and processes that make up a known mind.

<End Updated Core Psychological Activity>

If installed properly, the idea then closes off, creating a state of psychological inactivity. Or my mind defuses to an empty/non-psychological state following my comprehension of the core program. Of course, only until something else takes over. Consequently, after I learn how to release ideas that are no longer needed at the surface level, stronger ideas are able to take shape which will help me better navigate through life.

Releasing an idea is a good habit to get into when it is not needed because less psychological density/activity means I have more energy to spend in my reality.

Another Benefit of Seeing It This Way

I become an able observer who rises above condemnation and glorification, the two extreme opposites that take my eye off the ball. Because when I’m not beating myself up as much over dramas that carry on, or when I’m not dazed in wonder and glory on a high, it means I see further ahead. I’m aware of the broader processes and bigger pictures as I have enabled myself to run more efficiently in line with the type of mind I carry.

Fluctuating dramas (↓) and illusions (↑) devour my energy when I’m always up and down. So even a 10% cutback at the start will help every aspect.

How to cutback:

I exit the story/narrative but without using compensating effort from more thoughts in other opposite stories.

For example, a DOWNWARD story begs for an UPWARD tale, and I eventually shift at a point of sensation interchange.

** As mentioned, the Herd runs much more efficiently under this traditional paradigm than a Highly Sensitive Person.

Mindless Introduction Installation Disc 8

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