Positive Reinforcements to the Rescue!

Next, as I’d struggle with border patrol duties from the negative influx, before retreating, I would at least prepare a set of positive ideas to help the situation. I would at least try to call on something or another to help restore order with positive reinforcement patching up my perimeter. So whenever the Lower Frequency had advanced or made ground, I could also summon Positive Reinforcement or a Higher Frequency to come in and save the day, by more or less sandbagging any breaches along the perimeter.

Positive Reinforcement Protocol

My soldiers of positivity react to the assault of negativity with:

  1. You can make it, Lee. You’re almost there.
  2. Ignore all that other nonsense carrying on as you are much stronger than that!

While other inspirations followed on…

Lee, let’s stay the track and focus! You are great, the world loves you, and the reward is almost yours.

And on and on with a bunch other similar reinforcement orders.

However, the only unfortunate part is that I expended all my positive energy repelling the negative energy attack. Meaning, this conflict zone near the centre of my attention made it a mission for me to stay focussed as my energies were so completely drained.

Sandbag defense
A powerful Psychological Industrial Complex operating in the Conflict Zone.

Greater Energy Spent on the Border Weakened My Overall Focus

Lastly, as I’d work myself into a frenzy, I was ready to pull the plug once and for all. Being far too restless and statically charged from all the commotion, I knew my time focussing on the task before me was more or less done. In hindsight, what could have been a simple walk in the park turned into a fully-fledged operation instead.

Thoughts congested both ends of my mind as an arsenal of positivity bombarded my second-guessing and vice versa, all between a weak version of me and a propped-up version of me that together only creates a cloud of destruction as ‘focus distraction’. Lawless psychological activity seized control of my mind, sending patrols through its pathways to halt any valuable progress. Therefore, the centre of my focus had been destroyed and my attention was once again spread out.

So by the time I made my way thru all the fluctuating monologue, which amounts to a dialogue or trialogue when including every unit engaged in the fight, the very last thing I want to do more of is to focus. My contentrated energy got taken off the centre, which means that it is much harder to translate and record the finer specifications of the thing or aspect in question.

Focus Mission Results

Complex Focus uses ‘good’ noise to stamp out the ‘bad’ noise in a short term boost to reroute energy before the perimeter completely breaks down.

The ‘lesser’ of the two evils is supposed to give me the control needed to hold my position until I meet my objective. Or so that I process as much of the finer experience from inspiration as possible before an imminent collapse of my focus stronghold.