Sweet Blindness Part 2:
Waking From the Slumber

To put it simply, I chose to travel the heavier, unconscious path earlier in my life. Yet, from my perspective at the time I would see hope, glamour, and beauty amid great, often catastrophic changes about to happen in my ordinary world. This is how out of touch or balance with reality I was.

Obviously, to construct something worthwhile will always require a level of destruction, and can easily include death to gain other parts or clear out space for habitation. But if I can’t see too far on the backend, seeing only good things occurring, then I can ignore the size of the destruction taking place, justifying any cost as worthwhile for the joy inside my bubble of reality. Therefore, this ignorance becomes the core of my belief system, a system I will want to trademark, wholesale, and spread everywhere as I believe it will lead to happiness for all who get on board.

The danger is not in my personal destructive force. I’m human, I’ve now accepted the fact I’m the deadliest creature on the planet that displaces nearly every other. This despite being physically frail in terms of what else is in the jungle, since we don’t have sharp claws or strong jaws as mighty predators do. But too often, when our minds combine, we’re absolutely lethal to some other being or species (if not to ourselves) that we’ve deemed insignificant or in the way.

So my problem (if I dare to see it) is this illusion I hold of ‘pure creativity’, one I’ll expand on like thriving cancer in a body. Are we not how these cells operate at the best of times in the modern world? A fast-expanding complex system demanding far more energy than others sharing the same host (aka planet Earth)? To me, it’s obvious that in today’s crazy world, everyone is getting sucked into the VORTEX of this belief.

But why?

She is the mother force of ALL forces.

Religious or not, nearly all of us want either a bigger piece of the diminishing cake or more space for our ways. We want to super-expand ourselves but without paying the bill at the so-called end of life. Very few are happy to live within a more conscientious budget, ending up with a smaller tab.

However, soon there’ll be little left as we regenerate back into our children or perhaps as something else, being inserted into one timeline or another based on the chemical reactions we’ve made throughout this life that obviously have rippling effects.

As speculative as it sounds, this is how I’m starting to view existence. Because of this ‘possibility’ notion that I can’t rule out, I’m led to believe that we might be acting through character after character in a huge revolving biological game, or something of the like. And if this is true, it would mean that we are essentially the flame that gets handed on from one person to the next (which is not necessarily limited to the chronological order that we would assume through our children in this lifetime).

Therefore, it is in my best interest that I at least SEE the broader processes I’m responsible for if I am to continue with my ways. My ways, mind you, that might not fit in with your ways, or Life’s ways. Because if I do, I might respond with more care and look after things in and around the nest better. I might be more conscious of any excess byproducts that spill out and prioritise my investment back into nature, to ensure that the show continues playing on with plenty of room to breathe first and foremost.

Seriously… It’s a small price to pay to reroute my energy into sustaining the life that gives life to my beliefs and visions (materials, minerals, animals, and plants) before my urge to expand takes over and I end up consuming every last ‘resource’ available.