Sweet Blindness Part 1

Blissfully Ignoring the Cost of Creation

As I would learn the hard way, any outstanding backlash from the weight of my beliefs might not hit for a while. It could hit today, tomorrow, or in another 5, 10, or more years within the big picture. Or in the next life, perhaps… Who really knows the fabric of the greater system? Ultimately, in my case, the surroundings served back a special surprise after too many years of living blind. Having acted from a line of ignorance and speculation while under the impression my behaviour was just because of potent ideals that hit the spot, I had run up a hefty tab of consequence in the real world.

I won’t jump into it all right now because I like to surprise people with a sudden change of time and tone when they least expect it (as you may well know by now), but I’ll give you a general example of what I’m trying to explain.

Let’s say I take a step and call it ‘paving the path for myself and future generations’. But on the other end of this act, or at the backend, is an increasing trend to destroy or displace wildlife, add pressure to farmed-life, and I might also be hurting other people in faraway cultures thru a rippling effect when it is not a matter of survival or hard times, but is an unreasonable expansion. Let alone any mental or physical health problems I help to create within my community by offering a short term fix at a hidden cost.

Short term fixes at long term costs run rampant on this planet. It has become standard behaviour throughout.

And to top it off are the usual mounting elemental issues of contaminated air, soil, water, etc., which I’m ignorant to because it’s two or three steps past my caring vision and away from me, like animals in a slaughterhouse. I’m sure everyone gets the picture by now. It’s basic human activity that adds greater pollution, environmental stresses and climate change to life, a cost we happily hand on to future generations. We increase the conditions that spawn Zombies from within a dirty world and then we have the audacity to lay the blame elsewhere.

Except, nowadays, it’s different for me as I finally decided to share a part of the blame and accept responsibility. Yes, I live on the inside of a comfy bubble or nest that always seeks an immediate realisation of these impulsive, expansive ideas at whatever cost it takes. However, it’s now my time to watch how I process my energy and not be a grub anymore, blindly living in a modern world that puts an automatic high demand on nature.

We, the Civilised Superior, by Default Behaviour, Hurt the Inferior

The old attitude was ‘whatever is on the outside of our bubble is always up for the takings’, such as cheap labour, parts, minerals.

Therefore, I now watch the what, where, when and how as I compose and decompose reality, eyeing my intakes and outputs to a larger degree (materials, emissions and waste). Reducing my demand doesn’t mean a mundane life. If anything, life opens up to me as I meet new, exciting challenges and the rewards those challenges bring.

Previously, I didn’t care about any of these factors because I was either too busy enjoying myself in a trance-like state (me-me-me!), or rock bottom in an extreme low (still tied up in me, victim-me).

Negative consequence from human activity is usually often written off by the idea of death at old age, which brings relief to many because it means an open tab or something without consequence, mainly to those attached to a Sci-Tech God or when in Anti-God mode. These people have accepted the perception of death to be the same as the actuality of death by priorotising objective experience over subjective experience which they are yet to meet. That is, they view death as an end of experience altogether, a cessation of reality as they accept a body as being a truly fundamental component for life. The problem is that they reach this conclusion through third party observation, not experience, therefore they may be missing important information that could significantly change their perspective, and thus their overall behavior.

I live ONCE as a freak of nature, then I’m forever gone. Someone else deals with it and not me! (But in my world, if it happens once, it can happen again.)

And so they settle into this limitation throughout their life and nothing can break their rock-solid belief of not believing in non-physical aspects. The possibility of continuity is completely stripped from the equation and there is no more enquiry or need to learn.

But I ask myself… What is the nature of ‘someone else’? Is it not ultimately the same as the subject experiencer (or essence) within me?

Therefore, I’m not convinced that declaring biological bankruptcy (dying) will cover my bill of ignorance or write anything off.

As I look up at night, there is an order in the stars. Not even the death of them will mean the end.