An Ideal:
The Next Formation as I Achieve Warp Drive

As more and more ideas form, closely related programs strengthen together in a show of force and upgrade to an Ideal. Condensed packets of information and higher conversions into emotional sensations engulf me, as I achieve Warp Drive in a particular direction.

I want to make this significant idea a reality and manifest its contents into life by following the instructions laid out by the subprogram ideas. Therefore, I’ll try to align myself to work with a mental roadmap by attempting to produce, construct or destruct, whatever it is that makes me feel empowered.

Ideal to reality

However, there is a big difference between the idea and reality, and such a bridge is even harder to build and cross for a Highly Sensitive Mind because we often get caught up in the realm of imagination.

Many times, I would end up a sitting dreamer as my mind drifted into a network of wild thoughts. Although I would be travelling lightyears in my mind, I wouldn’t even budge from my chair in reality.

When acknowledging an ideal today, I take into account the implications of condensed packets constantly firing away at my nerves. After all, I don’t want to be too weighed down by overwhelming sensation. Otherwise, the thing or aspect I’m trying to achieve might not bear fruit because of my tendency to stay in a hypnotic state. Which also means, I should hold fewer ideals and either drop the bulk of them or consolidate them into a more manageable number.